Benefits of class 12 Accountancy TS Grewal Solutions

Benefits of class 12 Accountancy

Accountancy is the most important subject for students who have opted for Commerce stream in their senior secondary classes that are 11th and 12th. In CBSE affiliated schools, this subject is generally taught using the books marked under the authorship of TS Grewal.

TS Grewal Solutions book holds a very significant place in the preparation of students to ease out their board exams in one or the other way. These books are highly read by students belonging from the class 12 commerce stream to get easy and proper solutions to varied sorts of problems related to the subject.

The solutions textbook not only assists the students but these are also pretty helpful for teachers to gain clarity before teaching concepts to the students. Being one of the most prominent books for class 12 Accountancy, these books are also in the “good books” or the “must go-through books” for even the test-takers.

The Class 12 Accountancy TS Grewal Solutions comprises two volumes that help students to be fully equipped with the solutions as well as the revision matter. The two volumes consist of ten chapters in total. These are mentioned as follows:

TS Grewal Solutions for class 12 Accountancy Volume 1:

It includes seven chapters in total. These are mentioned below:

Chapter 1: Financial Statement of Not For Profit Organizations

Chapter 2: Accounting for Partnership Firms Fundamentals

Chapter 3: Goodwill Nature and Valuation

Chapter 4: Modification in the  Profit Sharing Ratio among the Existing Partners

Chapter 5: Admission of a Partner

Chapter 6: Death or Retirement of a Partner

Chapter 7: Dissolution of a Partnership Firm

TS Grewal Solutions for class 12 Accountancy Volume 2:

It includes three chapters in total. These are mentioned below:

Chapter 1: Company Accounts- Accounting for Share Capital

Chapter 2: Company Accounts- Issue of Debentures

Chapter 3: Company Accounts- Redemption of Debentures

So, the two volumes of TS Grewal Solutions for class 12 Accountancy together combine up to ten chapters.

Questions must be arising in the minds of students that What makes these texts important than the other references available in the market?

The basic reply to this genuine question is that nothing makes it more or less important to the other books available readily. The whole point is that you decide on a book, thoroughly go through its conceptual clarity and quality, and if you feel it right on all terms then stick to it to clear your basics. 

Since this article is related solely to TS Grewal Solutions for class 12 Accountancy, the upcoming sections of the article will describe the benefits of the textbook in ways of guiding and helping the preparation of the students.

Benefits of TS Grewal Solutions for class 12 Accountancy:

Simple and Lucid:

TS Grewal textbooks are widely used and followed in plenty of CBSE-affiliated schools across the nation. There must be a reason for its reputation and popularity. The main reason for the same is the simplicity of texts and the conceptual clarity provided therein.

The wide use of these textbooks in CBSE affiliated schools is proof that the quality of the content mentioned therein and the examples and exercises provided in the book are genuine and capable enough to suit CBSE standards. Also, it is good to be clear with easy language rather than making use of difficult vocabulary to confuse the students even more. In this matter eve, TS Grewal books hold a good rank!

Regularly revised to strictly adhere to the current syllabus:

The TS Grewal textbooks are revised regularly to be constantly updated with the updated syllabus. The solutions have been designed strictly upon the syllabus pattern of the current year, so there is no doubt in the authenticity of the text and other exemplar contents of the book.

Build concepts:

TS Grewal Solutions for class 12 Accountancy are pretty helpful for students of class 12 pursuing the Commerce stream. These books are widely in use, simple in conceptual understanding, strictly based upon the CBSE syllabus for the current, all with great quality stuff, examples, and exercises.

Class 12 is no joke, being the year of the board exam! So, the preparation of the most significant subject for the commerce students, which is Accountancy, can’t be neglected at all. Students attend so many classes, some in school and/or some intuitions (in some cases) just to ace this exam with a brilliant score. 

It won’t be wrong to say that class 12 has a good say in deciding and opening up career options for students. Talking specifically about Accountancy, many students rely upon their marks in this subject in class 12 to decide whether or not to pursue a career in this field like opting for professional courses like CA, CFA, ICWA, and many others, so it is very vital for students to be clear about the concepts to make their foundation stronger in order to understand and solve even the advance problems with ease which can be made possible with the help of this textbook.

The best reference for last-minute revision: 

TS Grewal Solutions for class 12 Accountancy not only help students to be all prepped up with the basics, but it also enables students to revise the solutions to practical problems with ease and a direct approach.

This acts as the best reference for students who want all study material together along with solutions so that they don’t get stuck in between and create unnecessary delays. With the solutions book, students are able to revise problems along with solutions during the last minutes or last few days of the preparation by having a glance at the pages.

Sometimes students don’t have time to solve the whole problem during the revision time and wish for a way to be able to revise it again without any actual solving. During this time, the solutions textbook becomes very handy and useful for them.

These are some of the main advantages of TS Grewal Solutions for class 12 Accountancy, which makes it eligible for the category of “one of the must-reads” for Accountancy students.

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