Preparation tips for class 12 home science

tips for class 12

Home Science of class 12th CBSE, a common component of the Humanities/Arts stream, is widely regarded as one of the most basic of the Sciences. Home Science is a relatively new subject, but it is an ancient art that has existed since humans began living in homes. Whatever your feelings about the subject are, it’s time to study as exams approach.

Home Science is one of the few subjects that will help you in your daily life. As times change and people become more self-sufficient, knowing Home Science will undoubtedly come in handy, if not today, then tomorrow. And all the while, knowing Home Science will undoubtedly come in very handy on the day of your CBSE Class 12th Home Science examination!


1. Classify your notes for the four significant sections (Children, Nutrition, Finances, and Apparel) to avoid confusion and revise more effectively.

2. The various developmental milestones that a child achieves at different ages are important; make a small chart to help you remember.

3. Understanding the application of any topic in Home Science is the best way to prepare for it, as Home Science is primarily a subject used for applications.

4. Use flashcards to review finance topics.

5. Study from your NCERT Class 12 Home Science Book and notes as much as possible because they will be more relevant than any book.

6. Creches are important topics; thoroughly research all aspects of them.

7. Charts will also be useful when studying Nutritional topics.

8. Make your charts/notes/flashcards colorful to help you remember them better.

9. Emphasize keywords so you don’t forget them during exams.

10. Write your answers in your own words during revision. Point-for-point, this will allow you to test your understanding and use your points to revise later.

11. To prepare for the clothing section, first study the theory, then have a practical interaction (you can bring along friends who are also studying Home Science), and then study the theory again. This will aid in your long-term retention of the information.

12. As a final revision, use practice sample papers/previous year papers. It has been observed that students who have practiced previous year’s question papers perform significantly better onboard exams than students who have not done so. Examine previous years’ question papers while keeping the time limit in mind. Do not solve the question paper in sections or take more time than necessary. This will not accomplish anything. Start solving the paper as if you were sitting in an exam hall and work your way through it. You may not fare well in the beginning, but with practice, you will undoubtedly fare better. The best thing to do is to practice 10 years of question papers. Remember to check your answers after completing the sample paper/previous year paper so you can identify and study your mistakes.

Other tricks to enhance your subject


When your exams are only a few days away, it is critical to keep your mind calm and relaxed. Meditation is the most effective way to keep your mind calm and relaxed.

Meditation will assist you in turning all of your negative thoughts into positive ones, as well as sharpening your memory. Deep meditation practises will help you to rejuvenate your body, reduce stress, and control your anxiety.


After studying for long periods during the day, your brain and body both require rest.

A good night’s sleep of seven to eight hours will help to energize your brain and body for the next day, as well as increase concentration and reduce frustration levels.

Maintain the appearance of your answer sheet

One of the best ways to do well in your board exams is to write your answers neatly and cleanly on your answer sheet.

It is not necessary to attempt the questions in the same order as they appear on the question paper but always try to write the correct answers. It will assist you in gaining the confidence to confidently attempt entire questions.

Avoid using colorful pens and writing long paragraphs; instead, use a pencil to highlight the headings and keywords so that your answers look systematic and your answer sheet is neat and clean.

A clean answer sheet earns more marks than a filthy one. Many students cut through lines and words on the answer sheet numerous times, compromising the sheet’s neatness and cleanliness. Many students overlook these minor details, but they can help them gain a few additional marks in their board exams. And these few plus marks contribute significantly to the overall percentage.

The main syllabus book is essential

Most of us spend our time immersing ourselves in the plethora of reference books available for each subject. These heavyweight books aid in a better and easier understanding of the subject. However, most students ignore the main syllabus book in favor of studying from reference books. According to specialists, it is always great to adhere to the main syllabus book and cover everything in it. Students who succeed with flying colors often adhere to syllabus books because they recognize the true importance of the same. Board questions are always based solely on the syllabus book.

Time management is critical

One important aspect of board exam preparation is learning proper time management skills. Create a daily schedule that you must adhere to. Use whatever little time you have for your studies because it will help you significantly improve your grades. Study subjects that you want to remember in the morning when your mind is clear. Invest at least 8 hours per day in your studies. Each subject should be given equal time so that all topics are covered.

On the day of the board exam

Maintain as much calm as possible on the day of the exam. Ignore any pending studies. Instead of worrying about what you don’t know, concentrate on what you do know. It is best to leave all books, notebooks, and notes at home and arrive at the exam center with a clear mind. Try to focus and concentrate without overstressing yourself.

All these tips either academic or non-academic will help you to gain more marks in your class 12th Home Science

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