Can I Score Above 90% In Class 1 Exams?

Class 1 Exams

Class 1 marks the entry of a student into his primary level of schooling after their 2 years in kindergarten. Students are introduced to a formal way of learning, as they get introduced to the 5 basic subjects i.e., Maths, English, EVS, language subject, and general knowledge. This class marks the beginning of students’ career life as they are taught novel academic and literacy skills. Stepping into this class can be sometimes overwhelming for kids as they get acquainted with a completely strange environment. Also, getting into formal education brings in the factor of examination, as well as scoring in it. Hence, this article in detail explains some of the ways for kids to score above 90% in their class 1. 

         Class 1 mainly consists of kids from 6-7 years of age and hence teachers and parents must induce a fun way of learning to students. Some tips collectively for parents, students, and teachers, for students to score above 90% in their exams are stated below. 

Tips to follow:

  • The first step towards good preparation is for the students to listen and grasp the lessons taught in the classroom. Teachers are advised to promote the listening skills of the students by making the classroom lessons interactive and fun-filled. They can turn the teaching process interactive as interacting with students often can make them engaging and attentive also, the teacher can infer whether the students understand what is being taught in the class. 
  • Parents are requested to have a follow-up and keep track of what is being taught to their child daily. 
  • Daily home works from lessons being taught will allow the student to practice and brush up on what was taught and finish from time to time the lessons. Also, studying the daily lessons, daily will not lead to a stack-up of portions. 
  • Teachers are recommended to use audio-visual teaching, for teaching the students as this will lead to the students using both their hearing and visual skills to learn a concept. Also, making them visualize the things instead of just oral explanation will facilitate the students in understanding the lessons better and store it in their memory. For example, showing the kid a train and explaining them will make them understand better and recall your teaching whenever they visualize the train, instead of just telling them what a train means. 
  • Students and teachers are advised to collectively work on the literary skills of the student as all the lessons will be in English and students are ought to understand what words and sentences mean. 
  • It is advised that teachers keep recreational activities in between their teaching hours to relax the student’s minds. Teaching at a stretch will make the students lose their attention and concentration and hence, they may retreat to some other activity. Instead having them engaged through games and other fun activities will prevent this from happening. 
  • It is recommended that students are made to prepare what they are taught from time to time and tested on what they learnt. Doing this for every chapter will lessen the study loan of the students. Instead, if children are left unattended they might pile up everything and they will not be able to study it during exam time. 
  • Good handwriting is a key to a high score, hence students are advised to take handwriting practise daily, at least one page a day to improve their handwriting and presentation skills. 
  • Spelling mistakes are common for students of class-1, so students are asked to write their answers instead of oral reading to deliver them correctly in their examination. 
  • Give lots of mocks to students before the main examination, as it will reduce the anxiety students have for the exams, also it will regulate them on how to answer the questions and time frame within which the paper should be finished. 
  • Finally, keep the students sound and healthy as a healthy mind learns and masters everything quickly. 

Main Subject wise tips for students to score 90+:

1. English: 

This is a vital subject for the students as it serves as a base for understanding, interpreting and responding to their lessons throughout their school years. The English for class 1 consists of basic grammar, simple vocabulary, stories and poems. Students can be given writing practice for vocabulary daily as this will make them thorough with the spelling and meaning of the word used. Also, stories and poems can be taught and explained innovatively, since teachers have to keep the students attentive throughout the session they can use visual teaching, story acting, teaching through the game to achieve the purpose. 

2. Maths:

Class1 mathematics deals with basic maths operations like addition and subtraction, sequential numbers till 50 and simple math symbols. This subject can be learned only through hands-on practice, hence students are advised to practice and solve CBSE sample papers on class 1 to excel in their calculation and solving skills. Daily give them maths practice and keep their mind engaged with numbers. 

3. EVS & General Knowledge: 

These subjects mainly educate the students about the surrounding they come into contact with daily. They are taught about the basic life systems around them and how they function. The GK subject serves as an awareness creator for students as they get to know many things. It will be best if students are made to visualize the content in their textbook by showing them physically. or through educational videos. They can be given play cards mentioning the name of plants, animals, body parts, etc. And made to learn and memorize them through fun learning.

Testing the students by quizzing them on the topics regularly will help them retain their memory thereby scoring high in their exams. Children are generally curious about the surrounding in which they live, hence teachers can use this curiosity to make students learn this subject. Studying the concepts time and again and giving it oral and written practice will make the students score high in this subject. 

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