Different Types of Screwdriver Sets You Should Know

Screwdriver Sets

Are you on the lookout for some new screwdriver sets for your business? Whether you work in construction, electronics, manufacturing, jewelry production, watchmaking, or one of many other industries, quality screwdriver sets are crucial to have on hand.

This article will discuss the various types of screwdriver sets on today’s market, going into detail about the included tools and the industries that might benefit from investing in them.

What is a screwdriver set?

A screwdriver set usually comes in a case with a variety of different screwdrivers. Some sets contain a varied range of screwdrivers, while others contain several screwdrivers of the same type but in different sizes.

The most common screwdrivers included insets are the slotted (or flat head), Phillips head, and hex head varieties. Many sets also include a small, straight-bladed knife worker can use to cut the heads off screws when necessary.

A high-quality and durable screwdriver set will benefit workers across various industries, including engineering, electronics, machine mechanics, IT, and jewelry-making.

Basic screwdriver sets

Basic screwdriver sets aren’t specific to any industry, nor do they serve one particular need. They’re essentially one-size-fits-all sets that can serve various jobs or home DIY tasks.

The most common types of screwdrivers you’ll find in a basic set include the Phillips head, flathead, and possibly a Torx head. The sizes vary, but most sets include at least one size 2-4, one size 5-6, and one size 8-10. A sizing chart is typically included to help you select the right size for the job.

Industry-specific screwdriver sets

You can also find screwdriver sets specifically tailored to certain industries. In this way, you can choose sets that are guaranteed to work for your industry or business.

Engineers will generally need a set that allows them to disassemble and assemble electronics or machinery quickly. An engineers’ kit, then, will normally contain a range of durable, easy-grip slotted screwdrivers.

IT professionals and those in the electronics field have different needs. Typically they’ll do best with precision screwdrivers that are small and comfortable in the hand. Electricians have a similar need for precise and ergonomic tools.

The point is clear—each profession has different needs, so it’s crucial to keep this in mind when investing in new screwdriver sets for your business.  

Special-use screwdriver sets

Some screwdriver sets are designed for special use, such as precision screwdriver sets. These kits include smaller, slotted (or flat head) screwdrivers ideal for precise work, such as repairing smartphones and PCs—hence their popularity in the electronics industry.

You can also find interchangeable screwdriver sets that include interchangeable tips, or long reach sets that allow for ergonomic fingertip control. 


There’s an enormous range of screwdriver sets available online and in-store across Australia—that’s why it’s crucial to understand what screwdriver types will benefit your business before investing. Remember to keep an eye out for industry-specific or special-use sets.

With your new knowledge about screwdriver sets and their uses, you can make an informed choice for your company.

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