Tips to prepare for class 10 math Olympiad Exam


Olympiads are examinations in which students compete against other students of a comparable educational level. Such tests encourage pupils to develop abilities in areas such as mathematics, physics, computer technology, reasoning ability, and the English language.

An Olympiad helps a youngster prepare for more competitive tests by providing knowledge that is above and beyond what they learn in school. It always turns out to be beneficial to participate in an Olympiad in some capacity. Olympiads give students an advantage over their peers and help them improve on a personal level, as well as at a national and global level.

Class ten is an important grade since it establishes a foundation for future career and academic endeavors. After that standard, pupils must choose a certain stream and progress through other disciplines. In India, streams must be carefully chosen because they affect practically every aspect of a person’s career and opportunities for further education. As a result, it is beneficial for a child to investigate all he or she can till then. Only then will they be able to determine what they want to achieve and which path to take. Exploring entails looking at several options and putting them to the test. For example, a student who enjoys maths and wants to be an engineer. To be sure if that profession is good for them, they need to talk to other people and know more about that profession as a full-time career. 

If a student is interested in both social sciences and mathematics, he or she will need to carefully select a stream and professional route. The rationale for this is that choosing humanities/arts as a stream closes off alternatives for math students. Whereas choosing Science and Maths as a stream leaves all options open.

Olympiads enter the picture at this point. Olympiads are competitions in which students compete against other students of a comparable educational level. It not only exposes a child to competition in that subject, which helps them determine whether or not they are truly interested, but it also improves their performance.

1.  Design a study plan:

Preparing for an Olympiad demands a well-organized study routine. As a result, students must devise an Olympiad preparation schedule that includes the curriculum, key chapters, and difficult concepts that require additional study time. If students have a decent timetable, they will be able to devote additional time to each course and topic. 

2. Understand the level of difficulty of Olympiad questions:

Although the material for Olympiad tests is basically equivalent to that for school boards, Olympiad questions are often more difficult since they assess skills such as observation, application, problem-solving, and analytical ability. To answer these questions, one needs solid conceptual knowledge. As a result, it’s crucial to help learners realize the degree of complexity of Olympiad exam questions so they may adequately prepare. 

3. Build a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts:

Olympiad Exam questions are based on conceptual facts, thus students must be familiar with each idea and topic covered in the Olympiad syllabus. Students could use one of the numerous good Olympiad exam reference books to help them with this.

4. Solve Previous Year’s Olympiad Exam Papers:

All students must solve the previous year’s Olympiad exam papers in order to analyze their knowledge and skills in order to participate in Olympiad exams. Solving past year’s examinations will give you an idea of the different types of Olympiad problems and their difficulty levels. Students can have a better grasp of their strengths and weaknesses in a certain subject of study after completing these papers and evaluating the validity of their responses. There are papers widely available on the internet like IMO Sample Paper 2 Class 10

5. Take online Olympiad tests:

Anyone interested in competing in the Olympics must first complete an online Olympiad test. Taking online examinations will offer you a taste of genuine Olympiads while also aiding in exam speed improvement.

6. Make notes for revision:

Because the Olympiad examinations are based on the school’s curriculum, students must take notes and retain brief facts for each topic presented in class. This quick reference guide will assist you in learning faster by giving future references and updates.

7. Don’t be worried:

Exams cause a lot of anxiety among students, who are worried about how well they will perform. In order to acquire and grasp all of the information, it is critical to exercise frequently and keep your mind fresh.

8. Balance academics, co-curricular activities, and extracurricular activities:

At this stage in your education years, you must balance academics, co-curricular activities, and extracurricular activities. Students must complete a range of classes, tuitions, and other obligations. It’s crucial to manage your time when studying for the Olympiad and in between papers. Students have a propensity to begin slowly and progressively increase their pace as the exam advances, causing them to lose time and make ridiculous mistakes.

9. Failure to follow a pre-determined strategy:

It’s a frequent misstep that almost every student makes. They begin tackling the question paper as soon as they receive it, with no method or technique in mind. This may lead to pupils devoting too much time to the first few questions, resulting in inadequate time to finish the paper on time. As a result, before starting the exam, one must first scan the full paper. The proportion of the SOF Olympiad test components varies. Each question in the Achievers Section is worth 2 or 3 points. First, try to answer those questions. Regardless of the fact that they are complex, it is recommended that students do not devote too much attention to anyone’s question.

10. Failure to Read the Questions Properly:

Many individuals skip over the word ‘not’ and jump right into answering the question. Similarly, many of the exam’s questions revolve around figures, graphs, flow charts, and other visual aids. Before attempting to answer such questions, a thorough analysis is warranted. One can improve their understanding of how to read situations appropriately by practicing more with carefully crafted SOF worksheets.

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