How to Childproof Your Doors and Windows?

Childproof Your Doors and Windows

Security is an agenda task for every parent when having small kids at home.

According to the stats in the UK, more than 50% of indoor incidents involving kids are due to unsafe windows and doors. Taking care of these interior elements is necessary to childproof your house or apartment.

The good thing is that this task is neither expensive nor difficult.

On the contrary, in the article below, you will see that improving your home security by paying more attention to the doors and the windows is easy and, in many cases, on a budget.

Keep reading and see it yourself.

Install window stops to restrict opening

A kid falling from a window might be one of the biggest nightmares for a mom.

There’s a smart and low-cost way to stop worrying about such a possible incident with your toddler. Simply install window stops and prevent falls with ease.

These cheap accessories are a must for low windows where the risk is extremely big, even if you are nearby with the kid.

Childproof all your locks

There might be rooms, cabinets, and living areas with dangerous for your kid items. By all means, locking them all is critical.

Make sure to install some really safe and childproof locking systems. You have no idea how smart kids can be. Avoid the risk of being broken into such a living space by your own child.

Don’t underestimate your toddler’s tech skills, as it’s like today’s children are born with them, aren’t they?

Cover door hinges

The smaller the kids are, the more they want to explore.

This means that every opened for them is an entrance to a completely new world with so many new items to see, touch and why not even eat? To avoid any incidents with your toddler, we strongly recommend you cover the door hinges.

Thus, you will add some extra security level to the entire property. The protectors, as a whole, will eliminate the chance for your kid’s fingers to be caught by the door when closing, too.

Keep furniture pieces away from your windows

There’s one very risky phase in a kid’s development. It’s when the child starts climbing around.

When your daughter is outdoors, it’s only the big apple tree that can be a problem. Yet, at home, there are so many pieces of furniture and items to use as a ladder. The risk gets too big if all these furniture elements are close to a window.

Falling from the wardrobe on the soft rug is one thing, but climbing up the living room shelves installed next to the windows is a completely different thing. Remove everything suitable for your son’s daily climbing activity away from the window zone.

Invest in window and door alarms

Such a smart solution suits moms with 3+ kids or all working parents.

No matter how much you try to keep an eye on your toddler, let’s face it: there’s no chance not to miss all steps and mischiefs he thinks of right now.

With a door and window alarm, you won’t be able to know where exactly your kid is at every single moment, but at least you will be warned when there’s a huge risk.

Doors and windows, as we have already mentioned, are definitely the riskiest areas for small kids at home.

Repair or replace old glass doors and windows

Glass items are not very suitable for a kid to learn to walk, climb, and show his physical potential until becoming 5 or 6 years old. Removing them would be the smartest solution for you.

However, it gets a bit complicated if the glass items are actually our own windows and doors. Removing them is not an option, but replacing them with something more durable and risk-free is a must to be considered.

If this is impossible for you, opt for the alarm motion system we’ve offered you a couple of lines before.

Childproof door handle covers

If your door handle has an extraordinary design, you can invest in a guardian lock, as well as an all-purpose door lock with a pinch guard.

A top door lock is the cheapest idea to childproof such a door handle. If nothing works for you, turn to professional locksmith services. It’s good to know that these helpful companies don’t come to help only if you break your key inside the door lock.

They are full of many other helpful security and locking system ideas to share with you. Spending a couple of bucks for such a service is not a waste of money, time, or effort.

Monkey door lock and pinch guard

A monkey door lock is a smart device that provides peace and tranquillity to a toddler’s parents on a budget.

They are designed to stop access to a room or cabinet easily. With their simple-to-be-installed and used clipping body, you can have monkey door locks for a temporary childproof system at home.

Thus, without ruining your entire home interior, you can have the necessary extra safety for the period while the kid touches, tastes, and breaks everything around. The pinch guard, on the other side, serves to prevent any accidents with your curious kid’s fingers.


We strongly recommend you not make any compromises with home safety while your kids are growing up, learning to walk, and trying to explore the entire world they are meeting right now.

Investing in smart devices and making your own DIY solutions to childproof the property’s windows and doors are reliable enough methods. However, never underestimate the professional assistance in such a significant home improvement project.

After all, safety has always been above all, especially when it comes to our children. And they do know how to get in trouble, don’t they?