How to Set up a Guest Room

Guest Room

Finding a comfortable hotel is easy, but paying for them can be difficult. Hotels can go from $3,000 to $100,000 per night. Instead of letting your friends or relatives stay at hotels, why not offer them a luxury guest room?

If your extra room is often not in use, instead of turning them into a dumping ground for storage boxes or unwanted furniture, how about a guest bedroom? With a little creativity, you can set up your guest room into a room that offers a welcoming and comforting atmosphere for visitors. 

Here are a few guest room ideas that you need to use now:

All About Comfort

Your guest room should be clutter-free, comfortable, and feel at home. Ideally, having a warm and personalized touch in your guest room can add a lot to the mood of the guest and room. Curate a guest room that even your in-laws will love by using techniques involving smell, taste, sight, hearing, and touch.

Start With the Bed

A good night’s rest is essential to a good visit, so don’t let your guests sleep on the oldest mattress that you have. Go for a mattress that can support guests no matter if they sleep on their side, back, or stomach. We suggest mattresses with medium firmness since they can provide both support and pressure release. 

Avoid using the hand-me-downs from your past bedrooms. Invest in high-quality, soft sheets and pillows to ensure the comfort of your guests.

Consider the temperature of your home. If the room can get cold at night, be sure to add a cozy comforter and extra blankets. If the room is hot, avoid giving your guests thick blankets and go for 100% cotton or silk linen blankets. 

Provide Some Snacks

Adding a thoughtful basket of snacks in the guest room can be such a huge mood boost after a tiring day for your guests. You don’t necessarily have to stock the room with plenty of snacks. A few desserts and drinks in a small basket can be a lovely touch to your guest bedroom. 

Lessen Visual Clutter

It’s common to leave old furniture and items in your extra rooms, so be sure to clean up before letting your guest stay in the room. Try not to overwhelm your guest with too many decorations or pillows. Lessen the items on your tabletops and shelves to avoid clutter and allow your guests to place more of their items. 

Consider Essential Oils 

Essential oils are a therapeutic technique to help guests regulate their high-strung emotions that may have come with the stress of travel. Adding a little essential oil in storage areas or on the bed can improve sleep and reduce anxiety. The pleasant scent from a diffuser can also help lift your guest’s moods and relieve their upset stomachs.  

Brighten Things Up

Make the room feel more lively by adding some greens and color in the room. Adding fresh plants and flowers in the room can help your guests feel more connected with the outdoors. Plants also eliminate air pollutants and add bright energy to your indoor space. 

Aside from plants, adding lighting that guests can control is another feature you need to add to the guest room. Make sure you have a bright primary overhead light and you can even add a dimmer switch. Consider placing a few table or floor lamps for lower-light options and task lighting for the desk or reading corner. 

However, pay attention to the color temperature of the lamps and fixtures in the room. This is to avoid ending up with a mismatched lighting environment. 

Focus on the Colors

Spruce up the guest bedroom by adding a fresh coat of paint that feels bright, bold, warm, or serene. Color is a powerful tool that can make your guest bedroom feel more cheerful, dramatic, calm, or comfortable. It can make a room look bigger or smaller than it should be. 

Off-white or neutral hues are versatile colors that can match any decoration type and color. These colors provide an almost-blank color for accents, lighting, and bedroom items. If you want to have a retro or old-school room environment, go for textured paint or bolder colors like golden brown or lime green. 

Add Extra Storage 

Many guests wouldn’t like living out of a suitcase, where their belongings can easily wrinkle. Let your guests enjoy the space and let them unpack their items in the closet or drawers. Clear out at least two drawers for small items and essentials. 

If you already have a closet in the guest room, be sure to make some room in the closet. Leave a variety of hangers in the closet so your guests can hang their formal and fancy wear. You can also add some hooks behind the door or on the wall for coats, bags, and robes. 

Another way to save space and get extra storage is by investing in Murphy Wilding Wallbeds. These are customizable beds that can stay locked in an upright position and provides extra cabinets. You can also choose a desk bed, bookcase wall bed, or a wall bunk bed. 

Provide a Seating Area 

Every guest needs an area where they can sit down and relax in their own room. You can go for something simple by placing a small lounge chair in the corner with a round table and table lamp by its side. 

Try to squeeze in a desk if you know your guest is a workaholic. Add a compact free-standing desk with basic office necessities like pens and paper. You can also go for a wall-mounted desk that easily tucks out of the way. 

Make a Comfortable and Unique Guest Room 

Be a great host by applying these guest bedroom ideas. Have your guests completely relax and enjoy their space when they open the doors to their temporary bedroom. 

Now that you know how to design a guest bedroom, how about designing your home in general? Check out the rest of our guides with new, trendy design ideas and helpful home tips. 

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