Easy Tips To Help You Maintain Your Office Furniture

Maintain Office Furniture

It is important to have a good idea of how to maintain your office furniture. These considerations should not only be for any cleaning crews that visit your premises overnight. 

Because working from home has changed millions of careers, continuing to work on commercial premises is a bigger and bolder statement today. There are valid reasons for operating this way, but if you choose to do so, every inch of the work environment needs to communicate high standards. 

A big part of this equation is maintaining office furniture. It shows that you care about the comfort of your workers and that you are keen to make a positive impression on any visitors who arrive. How can a business perform well in more ambitious tasks if it cannot even look after its office furniture? 

Fortunately, the task ahead of you can be somewhat straightforward. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, read on for easy tips to help you maintain your office furniture. 

Clean with Common Sense

When it comes to cleaning rigorously, many people will gravitate toward the most potent cleaning solutions they can find. The belief is that this will ensure a more thorough clean. Business leaders may be more likely to practice these measures, wanting to uphold high standards. 

Such assumptions should not be readily made. Different materials will invariably respond to some cleaning products better than others. If you use a harsh detergent on a wooden desk or leather chair, the damage it can do can be irreversible, potentially causing stains and streaks. A cloth with some warm water and a mild soap is enough in most cases. 

Messy desks should also be kept in mind. While studies show that a cluttered work environment can muddle the mind, there can be physical ramifications too. Workers may be more likely to knock things over, spill drinks, and generally cause damage-inflicting chaos. Depending on the extent of the clutter, the weight the effect desk is put under 24/7 will eventually create some problems. 

It is natural to want to do all you can to maintain your office furniture. Still, you must not overexert yourself and abandon all sense of rationality. Each maintenance task requires a proportionate response. Ensure that your team is on the same page and trust your colleagues not to make stupid decisions. 

Keep Furniture Out of the Sun

It is important to have a steady stream of natural light in the workplace. It can boost moods, prevent eye strain, and ultimately enhance productivity. 

That said, the sunlight is not good for all things business. Your furniture can fade if it is exposed to sunlight for too long. Oil preservatives can sometimes restore minor incidents, and wooden furniture can be sanded to bring out the color again. However, more severe fading can require more strenuous restoration practices, and some entrepreneurs may choose to replace their furniture altogether. 

Because restoring faded furniture can be time-consuming and costly, preventing these incidents from occurring should be a priority. Fortunately, you do not need to position your furniture in strictly shaded areas. Reputable solar screen companies like Marygrove Awnings have experts that work with you to create a solar shade that perfectly fits the window of your premises. Not only can their solar screens shield your commercial furniture, but they also reduce energy savings, keep insects out, and reduce glare. 

Enforce Behavioral Policies 

Firms are becoming more casual across the U.S. today. A smart casual dress code has been implemented in many workplaces, helping employees stay comfortable, be more sociable, and produce their best work. 

That said, it can be possible for workers to feel too comfortable while on the job. Feeling they can bring more of their true selves to work, they may feel more inclined to treat commercial furniture as if it were their own at home. 

A fine line needs to be walked here. After all, if workers start putting their feet up, sitting on chair armrests or tables, or putting their knees on the break room sofa, breakages will almost certainly occur. Therefore, it is worth reminding workers of the proper etiquette for using office furniture and explaining why such rules must be in place. 

It is not always easy enforcing policies such as these. Some workers may view you as being a ‘buzzkill’ or overly petty. Still, a polite reminder that these rules protect pricy investments should be enough to explain how fair your position is. If you are reasonable about matters, your employees may feel more inclined to follow suit. 

Value Maintenance Instructions

Some people may only refer to the instructions around their office furniture as it is being assembled. Otherwise, such paperwork may be quickly disposed of and viewed as clutter. However, following any featured maintenance instructions can mark the difference between looking after your furniture and unknowingly exacerbating any issues. 

Such paperwork often features maintenance instructions for the furniture. Everything from recommended products to the strokes one must perform with a cloth can be detailed. How often maintenance work must be performed may also be featured. Give yourself plenty of time to make any changes so that your work is not rushed. 

After all, different items or even furniture brands can require a different approach to maintenance. You may need to alternate between different techniques depending on whether the furniture is made of leather, vinyl, or wood. Upholstery considerations could also come into play. Improper techniques can cause more issues, so knowing what you are doing before lifting a finger is best. 

Find a safe place to store these instructions. You could also scan them on your premises and store them digitally on your firm’s cloud server for easy access. Ensure that any relevant employees can know where to find them too. 


Maintaining office furniture is a big responsibility but not always a huge undertaking. Your actions can determine just how easy or challenging you can make these tasks for yourself. Adopt a level-headed attitude and be willing to learn from any instructions and literature that comes with your office furniture. After that, you will find it much easier to remain diligent in these matters.