Modern Office Design Ideas

Office Design Ideas
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Did you know that 37% of companies have closed all of their office spaces since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Some of these businesses found that their employees preferred working from home, or that they could reduce their operating costs while still providing great service to their customers. However, many employees still want the option of coming into the office at least a few days a week.

If your company is in this situation, it may be time to update your office decor and layout. Keep reading for a few of the most popular modern office design ideas to make sure your employees truly enjoy coming into the office every day.


As the saying goes, less is more. A distraction-free work environment starts with a clean, clutter-free office layout.

Minimalist design and decor mean that you have less stuff in the office to keep clean and in repair. It also reduces the cognitive load on your employees, since they’ll have less visual input to deal with on a daily basis. This helps them to stay productive, creative, and stress-free while in the office.

Open Floor Plan

It’s been two long years of working apart from each other. The employees who want to be in the office want to share space with their colleagues as much as possible.

Enter the open floor plan! Rather than tiny, suffocating cubicles that cut your workers off from one another, you can arrange their desks to face each other. This fosters open communication throughout the day and develops a sense of community and togetherness among teammates.

Combine Function and Beauty

Knowing how to design a modern office means knowing how to add creativity and fun to the space. While these accent components of the space shouldn’t take precedence over function, they shouldn’t be completely ignored either.

In community meeting spaces, build a glass board to provide visual interest in the space while allowing teammates to take notes together. Develop a mix of solo sitting areas and large table workspaces to give your employees a variety of working options. Hang colorful art on the walls to add a pop of color to your office environment.

This approach to office design also extends to often-overlooked areas like restrooms, where even bathroom stall manufacturers are now offering options with vibrant colors and patterns to maintain the aesthetic continuity of the workplace. Incorporating these elements into the bathroom design can surprisingly boost morale and foster a more cohesive and enjoyable work environment. Additionally, adding small plants or greenery in these spaces can enhance the overall ambiance, blending functionality with a touch of nature.

Natural Decor

One thing that office workers consistently miss while they’re in the office is access to green space. Without the presence of nature, workers can find themselves feeling sluggish and tired throughout the work day.

As much as possible, find ways to let natural light into your space. Open the windows and let the sunlight stream into the room. If you don’t have windows or have very few windows in your office, see if you can adjust your artificial lighting so that it mimics natural light as much as possible.

Bring plants and greenery into the office. As long as no one has any allergies, bringing nature to you will make your space feel more balanced and calming.

Office Design Ideas: Implement One Today

By incorporating any or all of these office design ideas into your workplace, you’re providing your employees a welcoming, mood-boosting environment to return to. From open floor plans to natural light, there are lots of ways to make your office more inviting than ever.

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