How to Clean Golf Cart Seats

Golf Cart Seats

Did you know that golf carts’ life span is 5 to 8 years, on average, but they can last up to 10 years, if well serviced and maintained regularly? Some golf cart manufacturers claim that the frame of a golf cart can last 30-40 years. 

Are you planning on purchasing a golf cart soon and wondering how to maintain it properly? In this article, we will give you the lowdown on how to clean golf cart seats, so you will always feel like your golf cart is as new as the day you purchased it. 

Start by Removing the Bigger Debris

The first thing to do when cleaning golf cart seats is to clean up the bigger debris. This is anything like leaves, dried clumps of dust or dirt, and more. Make sure to use a soft brush so that you don’t rub the debris further into the golf cart seat. 

Use a Cleaning Solution and Let It Soak Into the Golf Cart Seat

There are many awesome cleaning solutions on the market made specifically for cleaning golf cart seats. Every golf cart manufacturer will have their own recommendations on what kind of cleaning solution would work best with their fabric. Make sure to follow their dictates, so you don’t void your warranty. 

While the Solution Does Its Thing, Wipe Down Other Surfaces

Once you have used the solution and let it soak into the fabric to do its business (especially for deeper stains that need additional oomph), wipe down all the nearby surfaces, like the seat edges, backrest, and more. This ensures that your entire golf cart will look sparkling after.

Use a Dry Sponge or Towel to Soak up the Cleaning Solution

After 10 minutes or so, your cleaning solution will have done its task. Now it’s time to use a dry sponge or towel to clean out the solution from your golf cart seats. If you notice that some deeper stains haven’t come out yet, you will need to repeat the process again, and use a bit more elbow grease this time.

Let It Air Dry 

Once all the stains are gone and your golf cart seats are sparkling, it’s time for you to relax while your golf cart seats air dry. Air drying is best, but if you feel like you want to hurry up the process, then you can use a fan. But do not use a hairdryer, as excessive heat is not good for your golf cart seats. 

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How to Clean Golf Cart Seats in Brief

That wasn’t so hard, was it? The only thing you need to be careful of is the commandment handed down to you by the golf cart manufacturer on what kind of cleaning products you can and cannot use on your golf cart seats. 

Besides that, you are free to follow the steps laid out above on how to clean golf cart seats. 

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