A Look at 6 Ranges of Sanyo TVs Available in India



Have you been wondering why Sanyo LED TVs have been ranking so high in the market these days? One of the biggest reasons for this is the exceptional features that you can find in these LED TVs.

Apart from this, the price range of Sanyo televisions is also quite affordable, which makes it easy for you to own the latest model of television without spending a fortune.

However, there are other reasons as well that make Sanyo LED TVs, some of the most preferred ones. One such reason is the range of televisions that Sanyo has launched in the Indian market recently. Whether you are looking for a simple LCD TV or an Ultra HD one, you will be able to find it under its portfolio.

In this article, we will take you through six such television categories that you can find under Sanyo. It might even help you make a sound purchase decision. Read on!

1. Ultra HD TV

One of the latest Sanyo televisions that you can find these days is the Ultra HD. These televisions come in two different models – the 4K Ultra and the 8K Ultra. For people who don’t understand what Ultra stands for, it is a digital video format that has an aspect ratio of 16:9. In other words, it will be able to give you the best possible picture quality in the television industry. It follows a technology known as the Super High Vision, which is specially designed to give you life-like viewing experience.

2. Smart TVs

The next particular television category that you can find understand Sanyo’s’ portfolio is of Smart TVs. Smart TV is becoming popular these days since they give you a range of features. One of the main features that you can find in smart television is internet connectivity. In layman’s terms, you will be able to connect your Wi-Fi with your television, so that, you can watch live feeds on the big screen. It is by far one of the most attractive features of Smart television. Besides, a Smart TV even gives you the option of casting screen and using your television as a desktop.

3. NXT TVs

In case as a potential customer of Sanyo, if you do not want to opt for the highest television categories, then there are medium range options available. One of them is the NXT TV category. This particular category gives you IPS LED super bright display, which is the best in its price bracket. Besides, in this category, you will also be able to find sleek looking televisions that will give you the feel of modern technology. On the other hand, even though these televisions have been created for a medium price bracket, it still has connectivity options like HDMI and USB ports.

4. Full HD TVs

Full HD TVs are one of the most common Sanyo televisions that people buy these days. In this TV category, the display is the primary focus. It gives you fewer features compared to other options but has a crystal clear visual quality. Therefore, if you are willing to use your television just as a viewing device, then this specific Sanyo category might be worth considering. However, it still has a few good offerings to showcase.

5. LED TVs

One of the first few categories of televisions that Sanyo launched was LED TVs. Like most of you might already know, LED stands for light emitting diodes. It is the same technology on which this particular television category is based. It is known for its good display that is generated using a corner backlight placement strategy.

6. LCD TVs 

The last category that we have included in our list of Sanyo televisions is of LCD. These are basic level television sets that are offered to the Indian market by the brand. LCD TVs also have some decent features and display quality, like LED ones. The only difference is the technology used for creating the television set, which is one of the very basics.

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