Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for Boosting B2B Marketing

Linkedin b2b Lead Generation

LinkedIn is no longer a small professional networking site as it used to be before. In a matter of time, it has become an enormous world force. B2B marketers have always been trying to achieve B2B success in this platform since the beginning. With numerous professionals available at a single place, it is just the perfect place to crack the floodgates of lead open.

When it is about LinkedIn lead generation, there are three simple steps to follow.

1.    Joining the platform.

2.    Staying active.

3.    Getting leads.

But these steps are not really that detailed for people to understand correctly. In most cases, falling on a few accidental leads is not new. But for winning truly, doing your own prospecting is necessary. It is not easy to find the right qualified people for your business amidst the horde of job seekers.

Understanding How LinkedIn Works

Hiring a LinkedIn marketing agency is one way to get the job done. But if you wish to get into the details of increasing B2B marketing, you will have to understand how LinkedIn works.

As research indicated, most of the B2Bs are making use of social media for finding leads. But are these efforts really effective? Unfortunately, not a lot! When it comes to leads, social media can be overused. LinkedIn is one of these social sites that stand out as a marker of success.

After crunching real numbers, it has been found that LinkedIn is responsible for about 80% of social media leads to businesses. While the rest of the platforms offers only 19.67% leads.

In conclusion, we have understood that the platform is suitable for the LinkedIn B2B lead generation.

As we have established that now, let’s move on to those fantastic tips that can help you achieve that.

Modifying the Company Page into a Plead Generation Page

In order to find leads, being intentional is necessary. Leads will not be falling onto your lap. The best shot you have is by turning your company or business page into a page for lead generation. Your company page will be pipelining leads for people to visit the actual website.

There are a few things you will have to do for making the conversion a success. We are going to share a few tips for that –

•    Try using an image that will be able to create interest or grab attention.

•    Try creating a clear yet compelling pitch in the company description.

•    Recent Updates such must be conversion-focused and clickable.

Creating a Showcase Page

A LinkedIn marketing agency would try to form showcase pages for promoting the individual brands that are quite the extensions of the firm.

Showcase pages help in enhancing the inbound LinkedIn traffic. If you can form a business unit that stays connected with the target audience, you will not have difficulty in creating a showcase page.

Showcase pages are extremely useful in generating better leads. These pages help in developing long term relationships with the target audience. A showcase page helps in targeting a single customer’s segment and providing information that seems the most relevant to him/her.

Using Advanced Search

Next, we will move on to finding new prospects. LinkedIn advanced search is an excellent way of finding the right kind of people to target. You will get a unique filter for narrowing the search down even without having a premium LinkedIn membership.

You will be able to filter the search by non-profit interests, profile language, school, past company, industry, current company, location, and so on.

As the results are focused, you will have a greater chance of finding the right people. You will be able to modify the initial searches to filter more candidates.

Saving Searches

After performing a targeted and highly specific search, you will have to save it. It helps in staying active, mainly because one doesn’t get B2B leads without maintaining consistency. After saving the search, you will be able to do the same search again by setting up alerts.

Searching Groups

As searching for the right people can be a challenging task, most people make use of Groups. Searching or joining these groups helps in finding blocks of leads. It can be done very easily by searching with the help of relevant keywords.

Publishing Content

If you have access to publishing, you can use LinkedIn as a platform. It is quite a broad-level strategy that allows room for precise strategies to help boost B2B marketing.

Final Thought

Without the right knowledge and information, social media can be another time-sucking hole. Therefore, implement these tips and tricks to stay ahead of your competitors by finding the right leads for your business.

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