Tech Trends 2019 That Will Change Your Life

Tech Trends

Technology is evolving with such a rapid rate that trends seem to be gone out with the ark before you come to know about them. The endless desire of getting everything smoother and faster, IT professionals slog out to invent new tools. From small to large, every business is dependent on technology, and the constant pressure of coping up with challenges of digital era is forcing everyone to adapt to IT trends. Here are the tech trends for 2019.

Trend 1: Game-changing technology is becoming more pervasive

The application of game-changing technologies is growing steadily. Experts envisage that they will be embedded in many core processes within the next three to five years. One of the significant reasons is improved understanding of how and where to use this kind of technology. There has been growth in skilled people who know the right way to leverage them.

Another factor contributing to this trend is easy access. Google, Microsoft and Amazon like platforms are looking forward to embed it into their offerings so as to make them available as a platform for a third party. This has removed all hurdles that businesses used to face in the past. Now you can easily get access to game-changing technologies without shelling out money in creating your own algorithms and platforms. Now you can focus on how to make most of their use to increase business value.

Manufacturing units use 3D printing method to provide as strong products as they can. Though this technology is expensive, it is able to produce a product twice as strong as traditionally made ones. 3D metal printers are 100 times faster than the older methods. The aircraft industry is also investing in this type of technology to manufacture larger metal parts.

In addition, this technology has contributed to the development of a DNA report card, which can also be addressed as genetic fortune-telling, that predicts on the likelihood of heart diseases, cancer, IQ, life expectancy, etc of an infant.

Trend 2: Companies will learn data value management

Almost every company has large data and it is important they understand how to extract value from it without compromising with privacy. For instance, you have an e-commerce store. As you implement intelligent systems and connect data elements, it becomes the primary source of gathering all information. In fact, this becomes a source of revenues. Your data will help you know who your customers are, what products they are buying, where your product is going and when it is delivered to your customers. You can share the data on different platforms with your other outlets or centralize it.

Data value management is expected to become one of the worthwhile investment areas in the next three to five years on account of monetary value potential. You can re-engineer your business model only by managing the value of your data. Of course, data management means making the most of it without compromising with privacy. Data privacy regulations are growing and data value management has introduced several methods to address the issue of privacy.  

Trend 3: Artificial intelligence has taken over the traditional lending scenario

Financial industry is using artificial intelligence to shortlist millions of applications within a couple of minutes. Complex algorithms have increased the trend of online lending. In times gone by when online lending did not erupt, borrowers used to wait for a couple of days to have their applications signed off on. It was very complex to get money as soon as possible especially in case of emergency. Manual perusal of applications used to lead to nothing but disappointment, but now all these problems have been resolved with complex algorithms that within a split of seconds shortlist millions of loan applications. Whether it is a payday loan or 12 month loans with no credit check, direct lenders can make a decision within seconds.

Trend 4: The Internet of Things (IoT) will change lives in a better way

The IoE will soon encompass every area of life. It will transform the way healthcare services are provided, the way people live, work and learn. This will help interface with various connected systems. The score of biometrics will expand from the level of your current knowledge. It will be able to include gestures, expressions, emotions and many other things. Dimension Data has already worked on a project of biometric sensors, virtual reality and data analytics to transform the way that fire fighters are trained. Another innovation, known as FLAIM Trainer, reproduces all elements that help fire fighters connect physical objects with virtual reality. It helps them to be trained for perilous situations that are environmentally harmful as well as expensive to reproduce in reality. It incorporates a bio-sensing fabric that provides real-time data of stress, fatigue and heart rate to them. Tech trends will continue to rise and it is essential that you adapt to all of them to make your life better.