5 SEO Title Tag Hacks for Increased Rankings + Traffic

Search engine optimization

Getting more traffic is not that easy, and for that, one has to work day and night. However, you can make things work for you if you can make your content title attractive enough for this. To achieve the same, you need to know some proper hacks for it.

Title tags and meta descriptions are the first visible attraction in search engine optimization services. In this matter, a query can arise, that in what way a good title and tags can be acquired? However, there is no stable answer to it, but there are certainly some ways.

Starting from the addition of relevant keywords and even a location to your title can increase your rankings even more. If you are looking for some tips on this then here are some to help you out.


Google search gives priority to dates. The same is great for the searchers who are looking for date-specific items or events and some specific searches in Google. For example “Best Thriller Fiction of 2019” is a kind of search where your page title should add the year 2019 and when the search is made with this year, your content will come forth.


The moment you add numbers to your page title you will get to see a slight increase in traffic to your company website. This happens because numbers are more visible to people when they are searching on Google. When you are looking at multiple listings on a SERPs page your brain will seek for something that stands out, and numbers will help with that for sure.

Synonyms or Variants

It’s always a good idea to use synonyms or variants of your keyword in question and add them directly to your title. This is the full-proof way your page will hit several variations of a keyword search, which will certainly lead to enhanced traffic. For example, you can always go for “Budget taxi” to “Affordable cab”.


The length of a page title is very important, but still, there is no proper solution to it. Normally, you can keep your page title between 50 to 60 characters with spaces. Also if you are using top keywords which people are actually searching for.

Call To Action

People are not always searching for action keywords on Google but it will help users click your link compared to other links on results. This happens for the wow factor to your page and that the user will be able to do something beyond the keyword they have searched for. If you use, “Buy”, “Hurry up”, these kinds of words, traffic will come for sure.

Lastly, if you make your page title set to a question, you offer the additional bonus and it will hit searches for the keyword in question. If your page has a certain topic, you can try giving a page title with query mark. Also, you have to use keywords in your title, and make sure they are relevant to your content topic. This one surely brings more traffic to your website.

You can always use these above-mentioned tips to build great titles for your website. This will surely be able to bring you more traffic.

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