What Features to Look for in a ZL1 1LE Car Cover

What Features to Look for in a ZL1 1LE Car Cover

Whether you have a classic car that you want to keep safe when you aren’t showing it off, or you have an everyday driver that you want to protect so that it will last longer, you need all-weather car covers that will keep your car safe, whether you drive a minivan or a ZL1 1LE. Check out these tips to help you find the right car cover to meet your needs.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Covers

When choosing your car cover, you’ll need to decide whether you’re parking your car indoors, such as in a garage, our outdoors, like in your driveway. You do need a cover even if you’ll be parking the car in a garage, as dust and dirt from the space can settle on top of your car and damage its paint job. Indoor covers can also protect from dings and dents related to toys, bikes, and other items that accidentally bump into the car. Many covers work both indoors and outdoors, but if you live in an area that gets lots of rain or snow, you’ll want to consider waterproof car covers.

Contour vs. Custom Fits

When choosing the right cover for your car, you’ll also need to consider whether you need a contoured fit or a custom fit. A contour-fit car cover is a more affordable option that provides a good fit for most types of vehicles. They are also available in several types of material. However, it is best to spend a bit more money on custom-fit car covers if you have a classic car, a special edition vehicle, or something customized. Custom covers include pockets for mirrors and antennae and provide a tighter fit for even more protection.

Consider the Fabric Color

When it comes to the color you use to cover your car, you may think it doesn’t matter. However, fabric color plays an important part in protecting your vehicle. If you live in a warm and sunny climate, silver is the best protector because it is the most reflective. If your car is light-colored, you should choose a light-colored car cover as well. Darker colors are okay if your car will be indoors, if you own a dark-colored vehicle, or if you do not live in a sunny climate.

The Type of Fabric Matters

In addition to the color of the car cover’s fabric, you should consider the material as well. The heavier material is, the more likely it is to cause small scratches on your paint job. While this may not be a big deal to you for your daily driver, a lighter fabric is necessary if you plan to cover a custom paint job or a classic car of any kind.

When it comes to protecting your car, don’t forget that it’s about more than the paint job. Protecting your car also helps to prevent rusting or other issues that could require you to have maintenance done more often. Even your tires need protection in the form of tire covers. Keep your car safe and in good driving condition by covering it when it’s not in use.