Damon Johnson Net Worth and Musical Career

Damon Johnson or Damon Rogers Johnson is an American singer, guitarist and songwriter. He was born in 13th July 1964 in Georgia and became famous of his excellent voice and composition abilities. Damon Johnson’s musical journey started in the childhood with a keen interest of playing guitar. The singing and composition parts came later in his life.

Today, Damon Johnson is a revered name in the American music industry owing to his collaboration with performers like Thin Lizzy, Alice Cooper, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Black Star Riders.

As a result of his solo performances and exciting collaborations, there is a lot of interest in Damon Johnson net worth, which we will unravel in this blog along with his musical journey.

Damon Johnson net worth

The exact answer to the question what is Damon Johnson net worth is tough to find as there are different variables. Having said that, as of now according to multiple sources the figure is about USD 3 to 4 million.

The process started when Damon joined local musical groups. Later, she went on to work with leading music labels like Virgin Records. One of the bands Damon worked with, Chyld, was first spotted by Virgin Records, which was a life-changing opportunity for the band. With this scope, Damon got the spotlight as the lead singer.

Chyld’s debut album was a roaring success. After that, Damon Johnson had no looking back. He went on to work with Alice Cooper and create some of the best music of his life.

Apart from musical royalty, Damon Johnson has investments in different sectors across the spectrum. Also, his live shows and tours contribute to his net worth.

Damon Johnson’s Musical Career

Knowing Damon Johnson net worth is not enough. To truly understand the artist that he is and his impact, you must be aware of his musical journey.

Johnson’s journey started with the local groups in his hometown. But the first big step in his career came when he joined Spilt the Dark. After that, he kept performing in various places with different musical groups. One such group, Chyld, is where he was first noticed. 

A record deal from Virgin Records set them on their way. The brand was later renamed Brother Cane, and Damon Johnson started his career as the lead vocalist. Brother Cane released three albums with Virgin Records, all of which were successful.

After Brother Cane ceased its existence, Damon Johnson went on to work with a host of artists and released his solo work as well. But, the next major shift in this musical career came when he joined Alice Cooper in 2004.

With Alice Cooper, he took on the duties of songwriter and composer. He released breakthrough albums like Dirty Diamonds with Alice Cooper and toured with the band across the USA. After the 2006, Damon left Alice Cooper and joined Whiskey Falls. He again reunited with Alice Cooper in 2009 and delivered hits.

Following his disassociation from Alice Cooper, he once again joined the band Thin Lizzy. This is the band Damon was inspired by since his initial years. Finally, joining the band completed a major career milestone for him.

But, this association was not a long one and in 2012, when Thin Lizzy was on a hiatus, Johnson formed Black Star Riders. With this new band he performed across the US, UK and Japan and released some excellent music.

In 2018, Damon Johnson left Black Star Riders and started performing solo. In this new avatar, he toured the US and Europe and gifted music lovers with excellent memories.

In 2022, he joined Lynyrd Skynyrd as a temporary replacement artist, and while doing that, he participated in Brother Cane’s reunion. The band was set to tour throughout 2023.

Wrapping It Up

Damon Johnson is a popular and revered musician in the American musical circuit. Over the years, he has excelled as a songwriter, composer, guitarist, and singer. He has also worked with some leading artists and delivered some of the biggest hits of the time.

Today, Damon Johnson net worth is a result of his hard work and dedication to music, which is also an inspiration for the newcomers.

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