Yoga For Amnesia – Helps To Relieve Anxiety And Stress

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Memory loss or Amnesia is a memory condition in which one’s memory is disturbed and it can be defined as the loss of memory and the causes of amnesia can be organic or functional. Apart from other causes, if we talk about organic causes, it includes damage to the brain, suffering from insomnia, through trauma or disease and accidents, which needs to be fixed. Amnesia or memory loss is something to take in a casual way and can be dangerous as people unable to recall stored memories, like their name or what happened in the morning, the time but they may recall the music they learned or heard in their childhood. Coming to selective amnesia, it is a memory loss in which a person loses a few parts of his memory, which completely depends upon how many parts of the brain is affected. If you or your loved ones are suffering from the very same issue, it is highly important to take the advice of the doctor and at same try focus on the yoga. Yes, yoga is a very effective process in order to bring great health, wellness and at the same time, it is good for mental health. Those who practice yoga on a regular basis found this therapy to be very impressive and best for their mental health and wellness. Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is a great way to learn yoga and get certified to teach the same.

Yoga poses for the brain to improve memory and focus play a very important role, however, this must opt soon. It is very important to practice yoga regularly by using a variety of asanas and deep breathing techniques along with the meditation are important. For amnesia, one should go with the yoga poses, including- inversions, which helps to stimulate blood flow to the brain and one can go with those yoga poses that help relaxes the mind and useful for improving other conditions as well. Here are the best asanas one should definitely go with – best for brain and provide good health and support –

Mountain Pose

This is called as the most simple standing pose can help you to concentrate more while you breathe, as well as relaxing you. If you often find headache or are suffering from insomnia, it will alleviate all the issues soon and you can start thinking positive.  Due to sleepless nights, your brain isn’t able to function at its best, you may go with various random thoughts and negative one the most, thus, this pose must try to help you sleep in a better manner.

Seated Forward Bend

It is called as one of the best poses for your brain as when you bend forward, helps revive your nervous system, boost blood supply to your brain, and calm your mind.

Lotus Pose

This is the pose calms the mind and washes away stress, negative thoughts, and muscular tension. When you want to relax and unwind, your brain is able to rejuvenate everything and stay alert to take on new challenges. Aside from this, plow pose, bridge pose, humming bee breathing and other different kinds of poses must be tried.

The benefits

Amnesia is the problem can’t be taken lightly and if you would like to get rid of the same, perform yoga on a regular basis and you will find that regular practice of yoga increases the size of the memory, improves overall brain wave activity and best for cognition. With regular practice it is the best to improve the mood relieves depression and anxiety, and decrease the stress response.

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