How to Plan a Summer Camping Trip

Summer Camping Trip

Are you someone who loves the great outdoors? 

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then summer camping should be on your list of things to do! It’ll be an experience of a lifetime, an adventure you’ll remember for years to come. But you need to plan it just like any other camping trip.

So grab your map and an extra duffel bag for your friends to carry, and check out our guide to amazing summer camping.

Check Your Calendar

Begin by looking at any obligations such as work, school, or family that may take up certain days during the summer. Knowing this can help you plan around these events and make sure you actually have space to go camping.

Check the calendar to see if there are any holidays or special events during this time, such as concerts or festivals, that may limit or affect the availability or location of camping spots. 

Research Campsites

Utilizing online resources to find information on the campsite can be an invaluable asset. Start by making a list of available sites to visit. Look at photos and read reviews so that you can get a feel for what the campsite looks like and if it is a good fit for your group.

Many campsites also have available calendars to help you plan your trip. When you have narrowed your list to a few sites, contact each location to learn more about their services and fees. 

Decide on an RV, Trailer, or Tent

When planning a summer camping trip, deciding whether you want to bring an RV trailer or a tent is important. RV trailers generally provide more comfort and protection from the elements, such as rain, but they can also be costlier upfront.

Tents can also provide utility and comfort, and they are much more affordable when compared to RV trailers. Ultimately, the decision is based on personal preference, family size, and budget. If camping you’re camping with a larger group, an RV trailer might be ideal. For small campers, a tent is a perfect choice.

Plan Your Meals

Depending on how long you plan camping, you’ll want to allocate for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Some of your meals can be simple, like sandwiches or hot dogs, while others can be complex, like a roast with potatoes, onions, mushrooms, and other vegetables.

Consider items like charcoal, firewood, cooking spices, cooking spray, paper plates, camping utensils, and other items necessary for preparing and serving meals in the great outdoors. 

Pack Your Gear

First, list essentials, including camping tents, sleeping bags, chairs, food and cooking items, campfire wood and materials, and flashlights or lanterns. Once you have your list, start gathering the necessary items and ensure each item is in good condition before packing it away.

If you need to purchase any items on your list, shop around online or at a local camping supply store. Make sure to add any items you may need for your individual camping experience, such as binoculars, a camera, a small daypack, etc. 

Plan The Best Camping Trip Starting Today

Planning a summer camping trip should be taken seriously. Start by researching camping sites and ensure you are prepared with the right supplies.

Know the area, understand the regulations, and be sure to leave no trace. Keep in mind the weather and take necessary precautions. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the company of your family and friends.  Did you find this article helpful? Check out the rest of our blog for more!

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