Everything You Should Know about Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep was previously the Laccadives, a group of Arabian Sea islands a few hundred kilometres off India’s west coast. These are India’s only coral atolls and part of the Maldives network.

One of the most beautiful holiday locations, it has gorgeous marine life, relaxing rural life, tourist resorts, and revered mosques. Explore Lakshadweep with this travel guide; see underwater life, watch sunsets, and eat local cuisine. Your Lakshadweep vacation is complete with this guide.

Explore wonderful Lakshadweep, India, and unveil its secrets, insider tips, and surprises for those who love travelling in this blog.

Geographical Location: Lakshadweep

This 32-square-kilometer uni-district Union has eleven inhabited islands:  Agatti, Amini, Andrott, Bitra, Chetlat, Kadmat, Kiltan, Kavaratti, Kalpeni, and Minicoy. Five submerged reefs, four newly built islands, and 17 deserted islands join.

Located between 8º-12º 13″ North latitude and 71º-74º East longitude, Lakshadweep the Arabian Sea’s beautiful waves surround these stunning islands 200-440 kilometres from Kochi, Kerala. 20,000 sq. km of territorial seas, 4,200 sq. km of lagoon, and approximately 4 lakh sq. km of economic zone.

Practical Travel Advice

A pleasant and trouble-free journey through the distant Lakshadweep islands is possible with sufficient preparation and knowledge of the local terrain.

Getting Around Guide:

From most major Indian cities, you can quickly get a flight to Lakshadweep. Flights link from Kochi to Agatti Airport, the main gateway. Flights should be reserved in advance, particularly during busy seasons.

Another option for crossing the archipelago is using the few ferry services linking some islands. But timetables could be everywhere, so it’s wise to inquire and plan appropriately.

Rules and Authorizations:

Permits can be obtained through the Lakshadweep Tourism Department or licenced tour operators. 

Tourists to Lakshadweep should know and respect the Island’s regulations on purchasing and consuming alcoholic beverages.

Must-Have Travel Items:

Wearing beachwear, sun protection items like hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and lightweight and comfortable clothing is recommended for a tropical climate. 

A basic first aid pack, insect repellant, and necessary prescriptions should always be available.

Linking and Communicating:

It is crucial to validate network availability and international roaming facilities with your service provider, as there may be limited network coverage on particular islands. While some hotels and resorts provide Wi-Fi, the signal strength and availability could be spotty.

Island-Related Hints:

Having enough cash with you is brilliant because ATMs are only sometimes conveniently located on every Island. When visiting the Island, respecting the local culture and traditions is essential.

This includes following the clothing code and proper etiquette so everyone has a pleasant time. Make early reservations to ensure you can get the hotels, transportation, and tour packages, particularly during busy seasons.

Things to Do in Lakshadweep for an Exciting Adventure:

Here we have discussed about the things to do in Lakshadweep:

Exploring Marine Life:

Visit Lakshadweep and enjoy! Lakshadweep’s Kavaratti is 404 kilometres from Cochin. Scuba beginners will adore the Island’s tranquil lagoon. You’ll find the scuba dive centre on the Island’s northern tip, close to the entrance.

Dive sites are so easily accessible and relatively close to the dive centre. An island resort with ten rooms is available to divers. Tourists go there to see tropical fish, sharks, soft corals, rays, and turtles.


In this recreational sport, a boat pulls a single or more person along by a parachute. The parasailor is swiftly hoisted aboard as soon as the ship sets sail. Parasailing across the emerald islands of Lakshadweep is a fascinating way to take in their beauty since they are encircled by silvery beaches embedded in the deep blue waters of the Arabian Sea.

Wide, golden beaches, picturesque lagoons, and the calming greenery of palm trees make up the picture-perfect coastline. Great parasailing opportunities are presented by the deep, crystal-clear waters that surround the Lakshadweep Islands.

Underwater Scuba:

Scuba diving is prevalent in Lakshadweep. The Agatti, Kadmat, and Bangaram islands are famous for diving. Resorts connected to Lakshadweep’s dive centres provide instruction from qualified divers in PADI and CMAS courses and accommodations for beginners.

Many tropical fishes, colourful corals, turtles, rays, and coral sharks inhabit the Lakshadweep islands. Scuba divers will find Kadmat, one of India’s most picturesque locations.


Look out at the ancient Minicoy Lighthouse while you take in your surroundings. The popularity of kayak fishing may rise.

Kayaks allow access to fishing grounds as a discreet alternative to regular vessels. Some people enjoy kayaking in Lakshadweep to find their goals and test their talents.


Kite surfing in Lakshadweep is thrilling and quite popular. One of the best kite surfing sites in this region is Kadmat Island. Kadmat Island in Lakshadweep is ideal for kitesurfing practice.

You should practise this approach until the adventure becomes natural. Great teachers assist you in improving your water skills on the Island.


Agatti, Bangaram, Kavaratti, Kadmat, Minicoy, and Kalpeni are Lakshadweep’s main islands where  the coral reefs and fish draw snorkelers. Therefore, you can visit Lakshadweep to snorkel and study marine life.

Lakshadweep snorkelling involves swimming just above the water using a mask, snorkel tube, and fins. You can wear a wetsuit in calmer water. Together, these instruments let snorkelers see underwater views for long periods. Lionfish, angelfish, and butterflyfish live on Ring Island’s Blue Lagoon coral reefs.


World-class fishing is claimed to be in Lakshadweep. The region is perfect for deep sea, recreational, kayak, and lagoon fishing. Lakshadweep lagoons offer many fishing and boating opportunities.

Night lagoon fishing is available at various resorts on this beautiful Island. Nighttime lagoon fishing is a great way to enjoy this hobby with fewer interruptions. Try this in Lakshadweep to learn about the region’s diverse fish population.

Wonders of Lakshadweep:

Here we have explained some wonders of Lakshadweep:

Marine Museum:

The main draws are the fascinating marine life and exotic fish in the museum’s aquarium. Observing these decorative species in their natural habitat, along with the vibrant fishes and other aquatic creatures, is remarkable.

Additionally, it is an ideal location for gathering data on aquatic organisms. Some of the most diverse and abundant marine life and artefacts can be seen here.

The Island of Kadmat:

Kadmat Island’s sun-kissed shoreline, blue lagoons, waterways, and coral reefs await visitors. Winter, especially December, is the best month to enjoy the beauty of Lakshadweep. Beautiful Island is home to marine turtle nests. Kadmat, the only settlement on the Island, fishes.

Many thousands visit Kadmat Island each year to enjoy its delights. Paragliding, snorkelling, scuba diving, and kayaking are Island highlights.

Minicoy Island:

Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep’s second-largest and least-inhabited Island, is famous. Peace seekers frequent the area’s finest beach resorts. Tourists visit this beautiful location for its palm-fringed beaches, fishing, and tuna canning.

The islands also show Buddhist influence. Indian researchers found ancient artefacts dating back 800 years. The Island’s female-dominated society is especially notable because it differs from patriarchal India.

Kalpeni Island:

This must-see spot is excellent for reef walking, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, yachting, scuba diving, and snorkelling. Many people from Kerala take a ship to this Island. Booking your accommodation in advance is vital because private resorts are elsewhere. The cuisine and fresh seafood are the main attractions.

Island Bangaram:

The opening year for the Island’s beach resort was 1974. With the commissioning of the Agatti Aerodrome and the subsequent increase in the frequency of commercial flights from Kochi, it became more accessible for tourists. Tourism on the Island is being actively promoted by the Indian government as well.

Because locals there are friendly and work at the resort, the Island is expected to attract many tourists worldwide. It feels like you’re on a private island due to the modest size and low human density.

Bangaram Island’s tranquil shoreline should be on your bucket list regardless of whether you sit around or enjoy the sunrises and sunsets on the dazzling beach. The stay is rewarding due to the variety of activities available. Many people consider this Island to be a paradise.

Islands of Agatti:

You can rent a two-wheeler and go around the Island on foot. Natural greenery and stunning geological formations abound across the entire Island. With only about 8,000 permanent residents, the picturesque Agatti island runs over eight km.

Although relatively small compared to other islands, this one is a beach bum’s and adventure seeker’s dream, with an area of just over 3 square kilometres. Agatti Island is the only Lakshadweep Island with an airport, making it accessible worldwide.

Bird Sanctuary Pitti:

You may observe some of the most native marine creatures when snorkelling off this lifeless coral island. Another option is to stroll down the beach while enjoying one of the most well-known tourist spots in Lakshadweep.

Island Kavaratti:

Enjoy peace among beautiful scenery as you gaze over the Arabian Sea and its glistening white sand beaches. Kavaratti’s most famous features include coconut palms, abundant marine life, stunning scenery, and exciting water sports.

The distance between Kochi and Kavaratti is 360 kilometres. The Island is far from airports; the closest is Agatti. In line with “smart cities,” Kavaratti will soon change.


Lakshadweep’s natural beauty and cultural legacy draw visitors. Beautiful beaches, thrilling underwater worlds, and rich local customs greet you. Natural wonders and cultural treasures coexist perfectly in Lakshadweep, which will be shown at every turn.

It is vital to travel ethically, bringing back only footprints and treasured memories that honour the spirit of this remarkable archipelago. Discover Lakshadweep, where the ageless embrace of the sea and the echo of a thriving culture meet.

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