Public Speaking Skill- The art of selling without selling

Public Speaking

When it comes to public speaking, most of us are nervous to the core and resort to leaving it for the experts. But the experts themselves were a rookie someday, and it is only through continual practice that they have achieved the rank of expert public speakers. When it comes to speaking in public, there are two questions that people tend to ask: Why do you speak in public, and how do you speak in public?

Then why is easy. Public speaking is a very effective way of addressing and persuading an audience, and any good content marketer or strategist must utilize it in order to see growth. Even if you are not a content marketer and have nothing to gain from speaking in public, you must be able to address a large crowd and hold their attention if you are to achieve the goals you have set in your life. There are many factors that add the fear of public speaking, even many of the seasoned players feel a little nervous while addressing the big crowd.

The how is where things get a little complicated:

Consider giving before you can get

Public speaking is one of the most powerful sales tools. Nevertheless, one should never utilize it as a tool exclusively for selling your products.

Many companies consider public speaking and sales to go hand in hand and construct their whole speech around selling their products. However, as soon as you make your speech about selling your product without offering your audience anything in return, your speech tends to lessen in its impact. As a public speaker, you should aim to:

  • Enlighten and engage your audience
  • Give your audience something to think about
  • Establish a sense of interest and authenticity in your brand
  • Build relationships with your audience that can further turn into sales

While it could be the ultimate goal of the speech, an excellent public speaker never utilizes the platform solely for selling their products. The sales you generate from your public speaking sessions come indirectly. Once you have created a sense of transparency with your audience in regards to your product and established your brand as trustworthy, you will start seeing sales.

Think of the art of public speaking as a way to build relationships with the audience. In a relationship, reciprocity is highly essential. You must be able to offer something before expecting anything in return.

Some of the things you can offer your audience include:

  • Advice on topics they care about
  • Information that could be valuable to them
  • A story that connects with them on a personal level

Hone your content and delivery

Your audience will judge your product or services based on your speech and how it is delivered.

Needless to say, you should focus on perfecting your speech by practicing. Make sure when you are on stage, you know what you are doing. A poorly delivered speech will not only make the audience lose interest in what you have to say, but it might also deteriorate your brand image.

Make sure you are taking ample time to develop and hone your speech. In order to deliver an impacting speech, you need to connect with your audience on a personal level. And for that to happen, your speech should come naturally. You can use stories, touches of humor, and metaphors in your speech to make sure you are relaying the message you intend to.

Maintain your brand experience

You need to establish your brand as a trustworthy entity in front of your audience before you can even think about initiating sales. Sometimes it takes months of interaction for you to see any kind of sale, so patience and close attention towards your audience are vital.

Some principles to keep in mind before initiating a sales process with your audience are interacting, differentiating yourself from competitors, maintaining experience, and re-purposing your content.

Outrun your competition

Everyone knows the value of public speaking course, and they are all trying their luck in this particular area of public persuasion. In order to get ahead of your competition, you need to offer the value that others are not offering. Make sure you are speaking in public regularly and are connecting with the audience every time. Build a relationship with your audience, interact with them every chance you get, and try to make them see your brand as valuable and the right choice.

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