Cinnamon Cooney “The Art Sherpa” – Learn the Intricacies of Art

The Art Sherpa

Introduction to The Art Sherpa :

Teaching art involves making people understand the complex processes, techniques, methods, and approaches of painting and artwork. Many people erroneously believe creativity is innate and artists are born rather than made. However, art can be taught to any individual, and anyone can become a great artist regardless of their inherent talent or creativity. People can learn to paint and make appealing artwork and paintings by learning the techniques and handling the tools effectively. However, teachers play a primary role in helping people learn painting and art because a bad art teacher can adversely affect a person’s painting ability and creative side. An art teacher can make or break a person’s creative spirit by imparting the wrong information or withholding necessary details and excessive criticism.

The intricate process of painting

Teachers can be essential for transforming novice or amateur individuals into creative artists by guiding them through the complex and intricate process of painting. A good art teacher makes a considerable difference in an artist’s life through positive and constructive feedback. Although bad teachers criticize young artists for lack of creativity, good art teachers constantly encourage people regardless of their skill. Good art teachers know that every individual is creative, and assisting them in learning the techniques of painting can help them go a long way in their artistic journeys. Cinnamon Cooney is an art teacher with a philosophy that everyone can paint regardless of their creativity or talent.

The Art Sherpa

Cooney teaches the art of painting to people through her instructional videos on her YouTube Channel, The Art Sherpa. She coined the term Art Sherpa to relate to the sherpas and their role in helping people summit dangerous mountains. She helps her students and viewers climb the creative yet complex art world by guiding them like experienced and skilled sherpas. Cooney was born in Aspen, Colorado, on July 1, 1970, and completed her education at Prairie View Texas A&M University. She met her husband, got married, and had children while living as a stay-at-home mom before starting her career as an art teacher. Cooney is famous for her YouTube channel, Art Sherpa, with over 70 million views and 693,000 subscribers.

Complexities and procedures of painting

Teaching art is challenging because many students cannot understand the complexities of painting and how to produce appealing artwork. However, Cinnamon Cooney, or the Art Sherpa, teaches art through art lesson videos that simplify the process for viewers. She created Hart Party and the Art Sherpa YouTube channel in 2013. Cooney has created over 1,500 videos and 150 downloadable digital books with step-by-step instructions comprising art lessons for budding painters and artists.

However, Cooney also demonstrates acrylic painting in various events apart from the tutorials and live painting sessions on her YouTube channel. Cooney also created the Acrylic April challenge, where she made 30 acrylic painting tutorials on 30 different prompts each day of April. Cooney’s philosophy as an art teacher that anyone can paint regardless of their skill level is reflected in all her tutorials and videos where she demonstrates making complex paintings through simple techniques.

Festival of Arts

Cooney helps people overcome challenges by setting an example. She also used her artistic and painting skills to recover from setbacks. Cinnamon Cooney guides people on the creative yet complex path of learning to paint by offering her expertise and experience in art. The Art Sherpa gained significant popularity due to her YouTube channel and became a mentor and teacher for many artists. She also displayed her creative artwork at the Creekfest Art & Souls Festival of Arts in 2014.


Cinnamon Cooney became the Art Sherpa to guide people in their artistic journey and guide them step by step to paint and find creativity. She helped many people heal wounds in their souls by reassuring them that they were good artists and could maximize their potential as artists regardless of people’s criticism or negative remarks. She helps people maneuver the tricky aspects of creating fascinating paintings by demonstrating and explaining the process in simple terms. Cooney teaches the intricacies of art to her students and viewers while creating and spreading awareness among people that anyone can learn how to paint regardless of their abilities, skills, and experience.

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