SA Guide for End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide



When it comes to having an exit from your lease that is hassle-free, it is all going to come down to how you have organized your cleaning regimen right before you leave.  Here are some tips that you can use in order to get the most of your initial deposit back from your landlord.

One Month Prior to Your Lease Ending

Depending upon your lease, there is more than likely going to be some type of agreement stating that you are going to have your carpets cleaned professionally from Like Cleaning before you leave the property for the last time.  About one month prior to your lease ending is going to be the perfect time to make this happen.  However, you are not going to want to book the professional carpet cleaner until the day before you are supposed to give the keys back to the landlord.  Just remember that you should always keep a copy of the invoice in case they claim that the carpets were not cleaned.

Another stipulation that may be in your lease cleaning agreement is going to be about pest control.  Some leases specify that you are going to need to have some type of pest control professionally done to the property.  As the tenant, it means that you are going to be in charge of making sure the house is left pest-free.  This means you are going to need to organize some type of professional pest control specialist to come and spray the property.  As with the carpet cleaning, be sure that you hang on to a copy of the. Invoice.

Finally, since you have a specific move date, make sure that you cancel any of the utilities that you may have.  While this is not necessarily going to affect your lease in any way, it is going to make sure that you are not charged for any time after you have already vacated the premises.

Seven Days To Your Lease Ending

Clean and remove all your garbage into a particular dustbin and then sweep them all out. After that if your floor need to be clear then you can use some hygienic liquids to kill all the germs. Even though with this thing you feel not satisfied, then you can use the room freshener spray to your entire indoor house or you can also use it to all the corners of your house. 

After the cleaning or your air-conditioner or ceiling fan they may scattered all the dirt and germs to the whole house. Therefore, the best way is to clean them by using vacuum cleaner. With the help of this, cleaner you can maintain a hygienic atmosphere in your house. Another way to remove the dirt or exhausted thing is to put them in a selective bucket and then pour it all the dirt to the dirt place.

Three Days to Your Lease Ending

This is going to be when you want to clean the outside of your property around your house (if applicable).  Be sure that you sweep away any garbage that may be laying around, remove any weeds that may have grown, and essentially just get everything looking presentable.  This is also going to be a great time to clean out the garage and make it look as though it’s in nice and clean.

Two Days to Your Lease Ending

Time to clean the inside of your lease.  This means that you will need to squeegee down the windows, dust every nook and cranny, and make sure that everything has been cleaned.  If you are not too keen on cleaning your entire lease, you can always use the professional lease cleaning service in the area to come over and do it all for you.  This may cost you a little more but will save you a ton of time and energy since you will not be doing any of the cleaning

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