Smart Home Gadgets To Make Your Life Easier in 2019

Smart Home Gadgets

Every year, technology brings us new ways to comfortably enjoy life at home. Many Australian homeowners are looking to introduce some interesting gadgets into their homes to make them more modern and practical. It’s no wonder, considering the many benefits that some of these gadgets bring with them. Here are some great examples.

A smart way to watch TV

An evening of watching TV in your living room is a time-honored tradition. You prepare your popcorn, get your favorite show on the screen, and enjoy a leisurely stroll through visual entertainment. It might seem like there’s no way to further improve on the TV watching experience, but you would be surprised.

Modern television sets don’t just come equipped with fun gadgets, they’re also able to connect with a wide variety of tech and services.A modern household doesn’t feel complete without a smart TV entertainment centre. It’s a piece of technology that makes watching TV into an interactive experience.

You can instantly connect the TV to services like Netflix or Hulu, or decide that you want to play a video directly on YouTube. All this can be done with a couple of commands from your smartphone or tablet. It’s like turning your TV into a more manageable desktop computer.

The right temperature at all times

The thermostat is an essential piece of technology during the colder months of the year. It allows you to consistently stay warm throughout the day. Despite its usefulness, a regular thermostat won’t always give you an ideal environment and temperature.

Right before you leave your home, you’re going to want to turn the thermostat off so that the heat isn’t wasted while you’re away. This means that when you come back, it’s going to be a while before it’s warm again. The temperature shift before you get up in the morning might be even worse.

A programmable thermostat can solve this issue. You can simply input the exact time you want it to start and stop working throughout the day. This way, you’ll always have a warm and welcoming home to greet you when you come back inside.

Staying safe & protected with gadgets

There’s nothing better than feeling safe in your own home. Technology has made this a lot easier with the advent of better communication and security tech. When it comes to outside sources of danger, staying safe seems simple enough.

However, what can you do if you’re caught off-guard and alone during a medical emergency? This is a common concern among the elderly population of Australia. Luckily, technology has an answer for this as well. There are personal alarms like 4g medical alarms that contact necessary personnel whenever disaster strikes.

Even if the individual is not responsive, medical staff can locate them using the alarm and give them the help they need. The popularity of personal alarms for the elderly is increasing every day. 

Many elderly individuals are embracing these kinds of technological advances because they help them keep their independence. As technology keeps making life easier for every demographic, technological literacy is becoming an increasingly important part of daily life.

Some light changes

The lighting in your home plays a big part in the ambience and atmosphere. Regular lighting options might be enough to keep visibility up, but they’re not providing you with the right level of comfort. 

Adjustable lights aren’t just something you’ll see in chic bars anymore. They can become a great addition to your home’s interior. They allow you to set the tone for your evening. If you want to read a book without having to deal with too much background light, you can set the lights the way you want them.

You have to consider the type of lighting you want as well. Incandescent lights are no longer considered good enough for a home environment. They aren’t very efficient and they don’t last long enough to be worth it. LED task lights are gaining in popularity. Their longevity and efficiency make them the current top choice for many home lighting systems. 


Everyone should strive to make their home a bastion of comfort and safety. A couple of modern additions here and there can help make this a reality. When you have all of these useful gadgets at your disposal, it’s hard not to feel like you’re part of the twenty-first century.