2021 Debut: 6 Stunning A. Lange & Söhne’s Models

Lange & Söhne’s Modes

It’s safe to think that Swiss watch brands have the most well-known and eminent timepieces for the longest time. However, experts and horologists know that there’s an array of watch brands all over the globe vying to be well-known. One of them is the contemporary A. Lange & Söhne watch brand. 

The year 2021 is given to the “Made in Saxony” timepieces from a luxurious German watch brand. The brand wants to acquaint you this year with their artful and meticulously crafted watches. The brand, indeed, perfect every model down to its finest detail. So check out these aesthetically perfect watches. 

1. Cabaret Tourbillon Handwerkskunst

Here is our first A. Lange & Söhne 2021 debut model. The Cabaret Tourbillon Handwerkskunst is limited to 30 lavish timepieces. It collaborates seamless watchmaking subtlety to the utmost sides of the watch’s rectangular case with detailed artistry and polishing strategies.

In addition, it features a semi-transparent overlay of its white gold dial and several non-automatic engravings of the dial, and a diamond signature movement. It’s a 22.3 by 32.6 mm measurement with the 370-part form movement. Also, its movement is inspired by its historical significance to a subtle component, as well as the first stop-seconds structure for the tourbillon presented in 2008 by A. Lange & Söhne.

2. Langematik Perpetual in Pink and White Gold Ref 310.028

Here’s another model introduced in 2021. Apparently, it is the first mechanical timepiece that combined a perpetual calendar with the Lange date. Its blue dial is designed from solid silver and enhanced with solid gold filigree. In addition, the hands are made with silvery-white rhodium gold and a luminous minute, hands, and date. This one entirely differs from other calendar timepieces. It is limited to 50 watches.

3. Saxonia Thin in Pink and Gold

This is the newest Saxonia Thin version in pink gold. It features a thin-layered blue gold flux dial. Moreover, it is embedded with thousands of copper oxide crystals. Indeed, nothing beats simplicity in all types of styles. This timepiece features a starry sky theme on the dial, dark blue straps, with pink-gold buckle rounds. 

Among all the Saxonia Thin, this aventurine-glass model is the one to have. Its distinctive shimmering dial feature, giving it an unusual catching look for a Lange. This brand new Saxonia Thin makes for nine limited-edition timepieces. 

4. Lange 1 Perpetual Calendar

The Lange 1 Perpetual Calendar is a watch for aesthetes. This timepiece has ultra-fine features which aesthetes find most interesting. Moreover, it features a dial crafted from solid pink-gold, with rhodium-gold hands.

This watch uniquely differs from the common outsized Lange data, which has a reverse day-of-the-week display and a leap-year sign. On top of that, this watch features an outermost month ring and a moon-phase array, indicating whether it’s daytime or nighttime. 

This 41.9 mm case diameter is a limited edition of 150 watches in pink-gold.

5. Little Lange 1 Moon Phase in White Gold Ref. 345.056

This is a mechanical Lange watch superbly structured gem within the collection. In contrast with the Lange 1 Moon-Phase, it has a smaller diameter of 1.7 mm available in the two latest versions featuring a dark-blue gold-flux dial on countless sparkling tiny stars. 

The second version features a bezel set with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds producing a luminescent frame for the dial. In addition, it comes with a smooth and shiny leather strap and a white-gold buckle complementing the sophisticated look of the timepiece. This is a limited edition of 150 watches. 

6. Triple Split in Pink Gold

Here is another limited edition Triple Split, but a pink-gold with a blue dial this time around. This descendant watch is warmer and fancier in terms of its appearance compared to the first all-silver version. 

On the other hand, nothing has changed considerably except its color. This new Triple Split watch still measures 43.2 mm by 15.6 mm and an insanely powerful L132.1 caliber. Moreover, it has a beautiful front but has an utterly unique sapphire case back. This second version is a limited edition of 100 watches available in pink-gold, a blue dial, and rhodie-colored peripheral dials. 


If you are looking for a simple yet elegant and high-quality wristwatch, always choose the one with the best features, such as A. Lange & Söhne. These incredibly stylish and latest models should be your top choices. You can enjoy their different characteristics and stunning watches with uniquely remarkable differences. Each model always has its own features and designs.

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