Latest 10 Fashion Trends for Spring

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As the weather gets warmer, and the birds and butterflies start to invade flower beds, you can comfortably store your winter parka away and take out spring-summer clothes. Unlike last year when the dominant fashion trends for the spring had been pastels and slip dresses, this year the focus is more on animal prints, prom dresses, wild prints, and bold vibrant colors.

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Top Fashion Trends for the Spring:


With Gigi, Hadid sporting cropped tie-and-dye prints, this sixties trend is all set to make a major comeback this spring. When paired with pearls and choker necklaces, these tie-and-dye outfits can make for a chic look. People are also investing in tie-and-dye shoes to make a bold statement.


This trend over the years is not likely to go away anytime soon. Except that now you can try to replace the flower prints with prints of fruits to make your clothes look unique. You will find lemon-printed dresses as one of the bestsellers for this season.

Animal Prints:

Women are more than willing to let their wild instincts take over this spring by buying wild prints. Earlier, it was the leopard print that was most sought-after, but now you will find all kinds of wild prints on suits, dresses, coats, and pants.

Lavender Hues:

Street style is being dominated by lavender tones this spring. Fashionistas are making a rush for different shades of lavender because this color is stylish. Lavender is the color of the season and you will find it not only in apparels but also in coats and boots. Besides lavender, shoppers are also buying a lot of turmeric and mango shades. Almost anyone can pull off these colors.


For those keen to embrace their darker sides, the Neo-Gothic styles are most appealing. Here, you will need to invest in an all-black ensemble with trendy pieces. The idea is to sport anything you want but to keep the overall tone dark and gloomy.

Polka Dots:

This trend is coming back in a big way and is expected to be one of the most prominent fashion trends for the spring and summer. The most recent fashion shows had models strutting down the runway wearing polka-dotted attires.

Puff Shoulders:

Oversized silhouettes and puffed shoulders are going to dominate the fashion industry this spring. Puff shoulders are noticeable in both dresses and blouses and they add a quirky eighties twist to contemporary fashion wear.

Bucket Hats:

These were the dominant fashion accessories in the nineties and have made their way into the shopping list of fashionistas this year as well. They can up the style quotient besides protecting you from the harsh sun. You can choose from plain or patterned hats or buy one with a logo, and use these to make your suits and dresses more appealing and feminine.

Fanny Packs:

Contrary to what most people feel, fanny packs are still very much around and these are being flaunted not only by tourists but also by locals. They have actually become haute couture in the last few seasons. You can carry all your spring essentials in these fanny packs which can be bought at any local thrift store.


This is no longer your grandmother’s favorite craft; it is actually a dominant fashion trend for this spring. Patchwork is being used on pants, jumpsuits, and dresses, even by models in fashion shows. It is best to team patchworks with block-colored clothes and accessories.

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