21st Birthday Celebration Ideas to make it Memorable!

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Birthdays are always fun! However, even birthdays have a milestone, for example, the 5th birthday, the 18th birthday or even 21st birthday are supposed to be celebrated with more excitement and more vigour! The 21st birthday especially is important because it marks the turn of a teenage into adulthood. You can drink legally would probably be the main attraction of this age, but this age does make you more responsible and more mature. A chest of celebration ideas might be lying around everywhere, but to make this birthday more special, you would need to select one from them – the selective ones are given below!

These ideas are certainly more orienting towards drinks and alcohols, but common, it’s your 21st birthday – you need to have fun on this day!

21st Birthday Brunch

Brunch is the meal between breakfast and lunch, and which is carried out on Sundays, when most of the family is at home. Make this birthday an exception and enjoy a fulfilling brunch on your birthday – maybe order mimosas for this first time. If whole of the family is available, make reservations at the best brunch spot in your town and just have fun. If you don’t want to go anywhere, you can cook up some food right at home, invite some of your loved ones and enjoy a relaxing brunch with the people you love. Plan some weird, fun games and insist everyone on playing it. This will be a real homely birthday, that’s for sure!

Create a Drink Checklist

Now that you are 21, you are legally allowed to drink – and to your heart’s content! Research some good drinks, those which you will love to have. Take some advice’s from your already legal-to-drink friends and make a list of all these drinks. As you try out all of the drinks, check them off your list; this will work sort of like a to-do list. You actually have to keep in mind that you have enough water and snacks between these alcohol attacks! Beers, Mimosas, Vodka, Rum, and Whisky – there’s a lot to choose from!

Trip with Friends

Road trips are always fun! Now that you are 21, you can risk it to make plans for longer trips, somewhere outside your city or even your state. In case of your friend’s 21st birthday, then you can decide on an unplanned trip, where your friend is clueless about it. Get everyone on it, and just drop by in their house on their birthday. If you can’t plan such trips, you can go somewhere near as well, maybe on a beach, or you can hit a club. The only motive for you is to just have fun, possibly with your friends. You can do whatever you want – it’s your 21st birthday after all!

Destination 21st Birthday

It is your 21st birthday – you deserve all the love and relaxation! Whether you wish to go on a beach or for a trek – you can make it a destination 21st birthday. You can have birthday cake delivery right up to your decided destination, so that there will be a sort of surprise for the birthday person. Document all of this time away so that you can make a gift from all of the memories. This new trend of destination celebration was only limited to weddings, and perhaps photography, but this concept of destination birthday is something unheard of and therefore, would make a perfect birthday gift!

Planning for a Dinner Party

All of these ideas are something which exercises your freedom. However, here is one of the ideas which show your freedom as well as how you should actually celebrate a birthday! You can always plan a dinner party from you for all of your family as well as friends. If you have friends who are going to be turning 21 in a few days, then you can throw them a surprise dinner party as well. You can send birthday gifts online to your friends directly to the party so that it will be a double pleasant surprise for the birthday person. Have entertainment, and fun games were thrown around in the party so that the guests will go home with their hearts full of memories, joy, and happiness.

So, there you have it! These are some of the best ideas which you can incorporate in your 21st birthday celebrations. 21st birthday is a big deal, and therefore, it really needs to be celebrated properly and perfectly. These ideas, therefore, are something which does justice to this birthday!