3 Major Health Benefits Of Using The Swiss Balls

swiss balls
Swiss Balls

Swiss balls bring about multiple benefits not only to one’s workout regime but to their lives as well. These synthetic balls introduce a diverse range of body motion and movements. In fact, just sitting on the ball keeps our key stabilizers that the back and the abdominal muscles are engaged in.

Need to Introduce the Swiss Ball Into Our Lives:

1.Strengthens the Core:

The core muscles protect the lumbar spine and maintains the stability of the body frame. Usage of the Swiss balls keeps these muscles strong. Also it makes us do the everyday activities easily. Simple normal activities like lifting an object or reaching for something can be done.

2. Promotes balance:

When one sits on the swiss ball, the muscles need to be constantly engaged to balance the entire body on the Swiss ball. Any type of future injury can be prevented as well because the more fit and rounded the core is, it makes the individual stronger and more stable.

3. Versatility:

Swiss balls can be used in many exercise programs. It is a very unique work out tool. Every new exercise allows the ball to be used differently. For an enhanced experience during a personal work out, fitness experts have been creative and successful while experimenting on the usage of the ball. The Swiss ball can be used during gym work outs and while doing core exercises. Simple exercises like sit ups can also be done by using the gym ball. There are a huge number of motions involved when the body is placed on the ball. Muscles are more engaged while placing the torso on the ball than doing the exercises on the floor. It can be an integral part of the Pilates routine as well. Rather, Pilates can be done better with the use of the Swiss balls. The age old yoga has kept many a body and soul active. Today, there are many yoga poises that can be upgraded by using the synthetic ball. Resistance exercises can be conducted by sitting on the Swiss ball. This is a powerful work out program that many are opting nowadays.

Modern day exercise mode

There has been a lot of talks and debates on the ideal way to exercise. Yoga, Pilates, dance forms and even Zumba is very popular. There have been a number of accessories and tools which has been used to assist the body or support the torso in its various postures. Swiss balls have been very popular since its emergence.

swiss balls

The way forward

Our previous generations were not made to sit. Their prime job had been as food gatherers and to hunt. Therefore the human body is not made to sit for long hours from the evolutionary aspect. The world is taking out a new gadget every day which makes us lazier and sit on the desk for long hours. Sitting for the entire day strains our back muscles. The lower back and the hip develop a stiffness. This weakens the core and the abdominal muscles. Though sitting at the desk has been unavoidable, it is time we find a remedy to it as well. There has been a lot of discussion about active sitting. Swiss balls create an unstable surface and the body has to be very active to adjust and can sit on it. The continuous need for balance activates the postural muscles. Very little and beneficial movements train and strengthen the muscles which are there on pelvis, core and the lower back. The continuous building up of these muscles with the balancing of the body on the ball allows the individual to stay fit and strong. As a result, the body becomes supple to meet the demands imposed on the torso during the daily grind.

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