Top 10 Things To Do In Vanuatu

things to do in vanuata

The South Pacific region is filled with diverse tropical islands, floating in the warm waters. Among these enthralling islands, Vanuatu is one of the most diverse destinations for visitors and immigrants to enjoy. Ranging from the primeval white sand beaches to the active volcanoes and cultural heritages, added with the welcoming people, the country will surely leave a long-lasting smile on your face. Here is the list of 10 things, you can do to make your stay memorable. 

Road Tripping along Efate Island

A road trip in Efate is surely the ultimate way to kick off the Vanuatu exploration, as, along this route, the visitors will climb to the picturesque spots, stride endless beautiful coconut plants, and encounter the friendly locals. 

Exploring the Only Underwater Post Office of the World 

Have you ever imagined going to a place for a snorkeling adventure and deciding to send the letter to your home? Your imagination will turn into reality while diving in the world’s only underwater post office, found in the tropical reef of the Hideaway Island. Encounter the vibrant clownfish and other fascinating sea species along as well. 

Kava Bar Hopping 

Kava is for the Ni-Vans, what champagne is for the French and limoncello is for the Italians. This tranquilizing and murky beverage is extracted and prepared from the roots of a renowned grown bush. The best kava bar is found in the Shefa bar in Port Vila, where the exquisite sunset melts with the sedative bowl of the fresh Kava. 

Million Dollar Point Snorkeling Adventure 

With a rich history behind the origin of this Million Dollar Point as the Us Army chiefs after World War II found themselves on this point with a lot of ammunition and supplies worth million dollars with no buyers around. They dumped into this place which is now heaven for the snorkeler. Head underwater for the scuba drive and enjoy the thrill unleashed. 

Swimming in Clear Blue Holes

The Vanuatu Island holds beneath them some of the picturesque swimming pools filled with crystal water. Perhaps the fascinating of all is the Matevulu Blue Hole. Surrounded by the magnificent banyan plants, float in the space by swimming in these clear blue holes. 

The Brave Land Divers of Pentecost 

Relish the festival alongside the Pentecost Island, as thousands of divers participate in this festival without any such assistance. Between the months of April and June, these towers welcome the courageous divers who plunge in with nothing just the thin ropes that are manufactured with the vines, with just a thin line with the death. 

Diving inside the wreck of Coolidge 

Once a luxury liner that was converted into a troop carrier during World War II. A ship during that deadly war sunk, with the crew members being safe, but a large wreck, which paved the ground for the scuba divers. The adversity has turned into an opportunity since then when this location has turned into a mecca for scuba diving. 

Beach Bumming: 

The first thing that comes to mind while traveling to the Southern Pacific coast is beaching along the white-sand shores. The best news here is that there are diverse beaches here. Probably the best one is considered to be beaching alongside Champagne Beach, where the sand is pure white and waters being crystal blue, enough to wash your troubles away. 

BBC documentary-que Custom Village

As you stride along with the Custom Village, it feels like one of the filming locations of a BBC documentary. The Yakel tribe, which are the residents in the village, have stuck to their roots, hardly making any change to their lifestyle, with the growth of their crops and raising the livestock and keeping themselves and visitors entertained without the facility of TV and Wi-Fi. 

Ascending the most accessible active volcano. 

The blistering glow of Mount Yasir has been a fascinating point for many of the explorers from the past to the current year. A visit to the rim of Mount Yasir is something no one would want to miss as a part of their sightseeing, as it takes to the most accessible active volcano of the year to be viewed through the naked eye. 

Thus, Vanuatu is a paradise for those who want to enjoy nature’s bounties along with an array of adventures. Those who are looking to secure the second citizenship in Vanuatu should resort to and proceed with Vanuatu citizenship program with an easy process, assisted and guided by the designated agents.