Back to School Necklace – Know the Actual Meaning of this Phrase

Back to School Necklace

Today’s children are the future of mankind. Their healthy growth is necessary for a healthy society. However, nowadays, there is an increased state of mental trauma seen among children. One such consequence is back to school necklace trend. This is mainly due to lifestyle changes and free access to the world matter. Children’s psyches are tender; therefore, they need special care while growing up. When they witness any absurdity in their daily life, their soft mind can not comply with that, and they start to feel fear and anger, leading to childhood trauma.

What is Childhood Trauma?

Childhood trauma is a set of violent, dangerous, and fearful incidents that occurs to children 0-18 years of age. Trauma also can be seen among the children upon hearing any violent incident or witnessing that. There are several reasons behind childhood trauma. Follow the next segment to get a comprehensive idea of the reasons for childhood trauma.

What are the Reasons for Childhood Trauma?

Different reasons for childhood trauma are as follows,

  • Violent treatment from parents
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional harrasement
  • Genetic mental illness
  • Parental divorce
  • Neglect
  • Acquaintance with violent teachers

When there are reasons, there are also harmful consequences too. One such consequence is back to school necklace trend. The following segments will discuss this in detail.

What is Back to School Necklace?

However, there are really back to school necklaces that are very cute ornaments for children. There is a small pendant on this necklace with the phrase written on it. But in reality, though sounding innocent, the phrase has a violent meaning. If you simply google the phrase, it will show you the violent picture of a hanging rope. Back to school refers to going back o school after a summer break. Sometimes going back to school becomes a traumatic incident for the students. This may be for any reason, such as incomplete homework or disturbing school memories. Therefore, the back to school necklace slang has gained immense popularity among the teens of the USA.

Why Do Your Child Mention Back to School Necklace?

Back to school might sound so interesting and happy as school is a place for the kids to grow, learn, explore and make friends. Still, The back to school necklace phase is not at all interesting or happy. On the contrary, this is really a negative impactful situation. Several reasons for which your kid might call out for this. It might be someone is bullying them, or she might get tortured, misbehave or anything. If your kids do not feel normal while returning to school, they might mention this phrase.

The Back to School Necklace and Childhood Trauma

It is natural that your kid will spend a lot of time at school. There will be plenty of other kids as students. Also, there will be mentors. Also, school is where your kid will start learning all the basics, which will just be from the very beginning of their life. Now, if the origin of life is not so positive, and there will be plenty of issues like anxieties, bullying, misbehaves, abuse, and so on, then it will be quite natural that the future will not be that perfect.

While the situation will come in terms of childhood trauma, back to school necklace has the top reasons. Your kid might get huge trauma due to these issues. Not only trauma, but you might even get suicidal too. The sarcastic back to school necklace will never make anything positive with your kid. That can be the grass one or the real one. So, whenever you get that from your kid, you will be the one to take care of that issue as parents.

What Can You Do With Back To School Necklace?

You have already got to know about this not-so-happy phrase about the school. If your kid ever mentions that to you, you just need to know that it is not a good situation and you have something to worry about. You first need to have a conversation with your kid, then if required, talk to the school. If nothing works, then there might be a requirement to consult a doctor. After consulting the doctor, you must proceed with complete mental treatment for your kids. In fact, you might also require changing your kid’s school.


Childhood trauma is something that can even lead your kid to death and suicide as well. So, you need to be very careful about that. Back to school necklace indicates dangerous childhood trauma. Therefore, as soon as you know about this from your kid, you need to be very careful and take the required steps. Eventually, you need to ensure that you rip off all traumatic experiences from your child’s mind. Then, ensure that you will give your kid a perfect and hassle-free childhood.

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