10 Smart Resume Building Tips To Get You Hired

Employment environment is getting extremely competitive nowadays. Resume is the first and most important step towards employment competition. Do you know 59% of recruiters reject a candidate because of poor grammar or a spelling error in the resume? So, now what can be done to check that your first step is impactful and well planned? This article will help you to know some smart resume building tips. So, let’s begin:

1. Format your resume intelligently

If you think that a well-written resume alone can work, then you are wrong! You need to make sure that your resume reflects important information clearly. No one has the time to go for a thorough reading and usually recruiters scan any resume within seconds. Additionally, you can easily create a resume within minutes using free online designing tools. But whatever you do, these tips will help you to be on point with your resume.       

  • Use a good format that has clean typing, clear headings and wide margins.
  • Make your important information easily readable by selecting bold or italic typeface.
  • Include bullet points to call their attention to important points

2. Include achievements and not just job description

Hiring managers seek for candidates that have relevant skills and experience desired for the applied profile. Recruiters look for people who can provide value to the needs within their company.

  • Avoid including what your job was about. Instead focus on what you achieved during the job.
  • Include your job description within 2 to 3 lines and then list your accomplishments.
  • Every point that you mention, should clearly depict your productivity.
  • Use a unique and well-explained job description and not a generic one.

3. Make your Resume Industry specific:

Do not fall for this common mistake that everyone makes. We all know every industry has its own way of being. Where in advertising and designing professions have greater creative license in designing their resume for those fields, mechanical engineer industry, on the other hand, won’t be impressed with it. Grammatically correct, crisp and clear type is preferred.

4. Mention “Career Summary” instead of “Objective”

This is a section where you can give a brief about who you are and what you do. Grab hiring manager’s attention right from the beginning as they decide within a minute whether your profile can go forward or not. Develop a summary that is powerful and immediately grabs recruiter’s attention. Objectives are the thing of past. A strong summary that can provide your potential employer a clear idea about your profile works best.

5. Network

Nowadays, majority of mid to senior level positions are filled through networking. Contacting absolutely everyone sounds like a nice idea. You never know which connection of yours turns out helpful. Today networking has become very easy as professional sites like LinkedIn help you to make networks. Also, sales representatives you have dealt with in past few years can also help you with the same. Understand that everyone in your network should be aware of your job hunt.

6. Quantify your Accomplishments

Don’t make too many generic claims, instead specify achievements that show a comprehensive picture of your marketability. Quantifying your achievements will help you build greater confidence in hiring manager. A resume is a marketing design to sell your skills and not just a bio of candidates.

7. Using hobby as your advantage

Understand that not every hobby needs to be included on your resume. You need to make sure every hobby that you select should showcase your skills and qualities relevant for the job. It can be running a marathon or blogging about related field. Such hobbies help to show your determination, creativity and various other skills.

8. Maintaining an accomplishment journal

Keeping a record of your accomplishments and positive feedback during the tenure of your work helps to update resume easily. Include all possible details that helps you save a lot of time to track but with the right balance.

9. Overstuffing Keywords

Yes, using too many keywords from job description in your resume should be avoided. You need to make sure that keywords are used in a balanced way. Recruiters can easily identify “keyword stuffing” so you better do it right way.

10. Strategise your social account shareability

You must be aware that the social media links on resume is becoming common. But it’s very important to distinguish your professional accounts and personal accounts. It is highly suggested to share only professional social media accounts like Linkedin or Twitter.

Remember, only a resume that stands out holds chance of getting your profile forward. I hope you found this article helpful and do let us know if you have any doubts on the comment section below.