9 Amazing Amazon Seller Tools to Uplift your Sales



Since 20 years Amazon was started as an online bookstore. Now as the biggest international online retailer, it has enabled third-party seller’s to earn money. Its popularity is rising tremendously. With increasing competition to become number one seller in a niche is next to impossible. But Amazon seller tools are helping a lot to convert more sales.

How these 9 Amazon Seller Tools Help to Boost Amazon Sales

  • Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker

This tool helps you to see at which positions your keywords are ranking. To convert more sales, Amazon SEO should be clean. If your keywords are ranking more, that means more chance to get clicked your products and more chances to be converted into sales. Through detailed insight, you can get an idea for which keyword you have to work more.

  • Best Seller Rank Tracker

Best seller rank is used as a guide system. A number 1 BSR shows that this product is selling better than others in this category. BSR gives the idea to both buyer and seller, how popular this item is in a particular category. Make money with Amazon affiliate. Best seller rank tracker is very useful to the data-driven person who wants to optimize each and every aspect of Amazon business.

  • Order Management System

To manage orders from multiple marketplaces, is quite complex. Through Amazon order management system, you can merge all of them in one dashboard to synchronize with the inventory. The first step to manage your customer is order management. To deliver excellent customer service these tools are essential.

  • Inventory and Stock Management Tool

Keep a habit of reviewing your inventory and sales on a regular basis so you can fill the items that have gone out of stock. Through Inventory and Stock management tool, you can track your stock levels whether they are in-house or at a warehouse. With the backend channels monitor the fulfillment status at one place.

  • Amazon Refund Tracker

Manually tracking and creating Amazon FBA inventory reimbursement or refund reports is very complex. This tool allows you to generate the report for your all lost inventory at a single click. This tool speeds up the process of obtaining a refund from Amazon in order to get your cash and product back in your Amazon seller account.

  • Product’s Negative Review and Feedback Management

In Amazon, product reviews play a vital role. More reviews mean more conversion rate. As good reviews can boost your sales, negative reviews can harm your sales. So how to handle Amazon negative reviews is very crucial. With this Negative review and Feedback management tool you will get notification about negative review arrival. And thus you can handle this review as soon as possible and try to convert it into positive.

  • Email Solicitation Tool

To handle a negative review, you can use Amazon Email marketing tool. Contact a buyer through email whenever negative feedback comes. Further, this tool sends the customized invoice from your company other than Amazon’s invoice, which helps to build the brand reputation. Get weekly and monthly sale’s report straight to your inbox with the tool.

  • Sales and Analytics Dashboard

This tool helps you to track the behavior of your account. Through this tool, you can optimize marketing campaigns and forecast inventory needs. Getting all the data at one place allows you to make data-driven decisions. Amazon sales tracker is the right Ecommerce intelligence solution for your business.

  • Seller’s Review and Feedback Management

Amazon Seller’s feedback is found when a buyer clicks on the “sold by” link on a product detail page. This includes the seller’s feedback average and the number of ratings and reviews received in the last 12 months. This directly affects your ability to increase Buy Box share, which in turn directly affects your sales performance on Amazon.

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