Just like technology, education has also evolved from time to time. With a rise in literacy level, new educational related problems have also risen. Today the students at all level are somewhere stressed with the workload of their academics and find it difficult to manage their studies and other curricular activities.

Students find it immensely hard to cope up with the things that are taught to them in the classrooms and fail to understand a major portion of it. Another problem that can be reviewed is assignment making. When the student fails in understanding the class lectures he also fails in writing the assignments about them. But now with the help of digital education, students can search for some online academic help and can claim the best assignment homework help.



The little toddlers of playgroup to prep standards today are expected to mug up all the basics and are time to time examined for each subject. They also have to spend a lot of time learning their rhymes and give special attention to the spellings. Each month they are asked to take part in some spell competitions and elocutions. Their spelling and speech accuracy are marked on the basis of these two competitions.

Not only students have to undergo the spell competitions and elocutions, but they also have to face many other essential competitions like drawing, painting, mathematics, etc. All these competitions keep the students so occupied that they forget everything else.

If we compare the primary education of today to the primary education that was ten years back, we can witness a drastic change. Ten years back the students had no academic burden and were not at all engaged with other curricular activities; they had enough time to dedicate it all to themselves.


To deal with studies at the secondary level is the toughest. Now, the students are introduced to many new subjects like computer science, mental maths and many more. Additionally, the students are also expected to indulge themselves in various creative skills like assignment writing, and communication skills and many more. Assignment writing contributes to the final grades of the students which make it impossible for them to skip it by any means.

The students are expected to make assignments for each subject and are given this task on a weekly basis. Making assignments for all the subjects and that too every week, doesn’t this sounds scary enough? Well, yes it does, but as we know, there’s no solution to it.

Along with assignment writing burden, the students also have to enroll themselves into some coaching classes because they feel the need of some extra academic dose which helps them in keeping up with their good grades. Also going to tuition classes has become more of a fashion now, and every student likes to be fashionable.   


The problems with which the students deal with at senior secondary level is completely contrasting to those of primary and secondary level. Though the students get rid of extra subjects and many other extracurricular activities, they are burdened with the stream related subjects that are extremely difficult and lengthy. Dealing with such level of difficulty is not easy at all.

The students after school hours spend their entire day at tuitions to match up the school level. If we compare the status of present junior college students to the ten year back students, we can clearly see that how busy the students have gotten now. Earlier the students had to deal with the academic pressure, but it wasn’t like the present day scenario. The students could snatch some time out from their academics and could devote it to several other things.

The vital reason for such a busy scenario is the competitive level. Earlier there was limited competition, and the students were much satisfied with all the things they had and with all the marks they scored.  


Problems at college and university level are a combination of all the struggles dealt with at primary, secondary and senior secondary level. The students here are introduced to new subjects which are incredibly different from what they have studied earlier. Also, there is an addition to a whole lot of new extracurricular activities.

The only thing that remains constant on all educational levels is the assignment writing. Though at college and university level it gets more lengthy and time-consuming, it is an essential part of the academic curriculum. It is not simple to deal with education at college and university level, but somehow students have to manage to keep up with it.


The way the level of education has evolved, students have also become advanced and tech savvy. As we have read above, the difficulties faced by students at various educational level and students all over the world deal with similar issues, but today’s smart generation of kids make sure that they don’t stuck themselves with anything.

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