12 Creative Ways to Use Buttons for Crafting Projects

Buttons for Crafting

Do you have a stash of buttons lying around?

Turn them into art! Buttons can add a unique touch to many craft projects. From jewelry to home decor, the possibilities are endless.

Below, we’ll show you 12 unique ways to use buttons for crafting. Get your buttons ready and let’s start crafting!

1. Button Bouquet Art

Create a colorful wall decoration by arranging buttons to look like flowers. First, choose a canvas or piece of cardstock as your base. Use green buttons to form stems and leaves.

Then, select buttons of various colors and sizes to form the flower heads. Glue them onto your base in a bouquet shape. Once dry, this handmade art can brighten up any room or make a thoughtful gift for a friend.

2. Vibrant Button Coasters

To make colorful button coasters, start by finding some plain coasters as your base. Then, pick out buttons in bright colors and different sizes. Arrange the buttons on the coasters, playing with the patterns until you’re happy with the look.

Use strong glue to attach the buttons and once they’re dry, you’ll have a set of unique coasters that are both practical and pretty. These make great gifts and are a fun way to protect your tables from drink rings.

3. Personalized Button Jewelry

Create your very own jewelry using buttons for a unique look. Begin with choosing buttons that catch your eye. Next, thread them onto a sturdy string or wire.

You can make necklaces, bracelets, or even earrings. Mix and match different colors and sizes for a fun effect.

This project lets you show off your creative side and make something truly one-of-a-kind. Plus, homemade jewelry makes a great gift for friends and family.

4. Wall Art Creations

Transform your room with unique wall art by using buttons to create a picture or design. Choose a simple image, such as a heart or a tree.

Sketch the outline on a piece of canvas or thick paper. Then, fill in the sketch with buttons of various colors and sizes. Glue the buttons down, and once it’s dry, you have a fun piece of art to hang on your wall or give as a gift.

5. Decorative Button Frames

Elevate the look of any photo with a decorative button frame. Choose a plain picture frame as your starting point. Then, gather buttons of various colors, shapes, and sizes.

Arrange the buttons around the edges of the frame until it looks just right and use glue to attach the buttons securely. This creative project adds a playful touch to your photos and is perfect for kids’ rooms. Plus, if you need more buttons, there are always buttons for sale at craft stores or online!

6. Customized Button Clothing

By crafting with buttons, you can give your clothes a new life! Grab any piece of clothing like a jacket, shirt, or even a pair of jeans.

Then, choose some cool buttons. You can match them or mix up different colors and sizes for a funky look.

Sew or glue the buttons on in a design you like, maybe a smiley face, a heart, or just all over for a fun pattern. This project is super easy and a quick way to make your clothes stand out.

7. Festive Button Ornaments

Make your holiday tree stand out with handmade button ornaments. First, get some clear or colored plastic balls from a craft store. Open them and fill them with buttons of different colors and sizes.

If you prefer, you can also glue buttons on the outside of the balls, creating shapes such as stars, trees, or even your initials. When you’re done, put a ribbon through the top for hanging. These ornaments will add a colorful and personal touch to your holiday decorations.

8. Button-Embedded Candles

Add a cozy touch to any room with button-embedded candles. First, you need some plain wax candles and small buttons. Carefully heat the side of the candle with a hairdryer then press the buttons into the soft wax at various heights around the candle.

You can even spell out words or make simple patterns. Crafts using buttons like this one are not only easy to do but also incredibly charming. These candles can light up your space with a personal touch.

9. Stylish Button Hair Accessories

Add flair to your hairstyles with button-hair accessories! Begin by choosing some fun and colorful buttons. Grab hairpins or a headband as your base.

Arrange the buttons until you find a look you love. Use strong glue to attach the buttons securely to the hairpins or headband. Once they’re dry, you’ve got yourself some trendy hair accessories that will get you compliments.

10. Handmade Button Cards

Create one-of-a-kind greeting cards using buttons for decoration. Choose a blank card or make your own from cardstock. Think of a simple design or message you want on the front, like a heart, smiley face, or “Happy Birthday”.

Use buttons for the main part of the design. Glue them on carefully. Now you have a special card that’s sure to make anyone smile. It’s fun, easy, and shows you care.

11. Quirky Button Bookmarks

Craft your very own quirky button bookmarks to keep your place in style! Start with a sturdy piece of ribbon or cardstock, cut to the length you like. Then, find some cool buttons that stand out to you.

Glue one or more buttons to the top of your bookmark. Make sure they’re stuck on there! This project is super simple and lets you create a bunch of personalized bookmarks to enjoy or give to your friends.

12. Creative Button Magnets

Turn your fridge into an art gallery with creative button magnets! It’s easy and fun. First, find some small but strong magnets.

Then, pick out your favorite buttons – the more colorful, the better. Use a little bit of glue to stick a magnet on the back of each button.

Once they’re dry, your new magnets are ready. Stick them on your fridge to hold up notes or just to look pretty!

Start Using Buttons for Crafting These Unique Projects

Buttons are not just small objects – they are gateways to creativity and making unique items. Your box of buttons holds a world of possibilities. Whether you’re decorating your home, jazzing up your wardrobe, or making gifts, buttons add a special touch.