5 Ways to make people watch, finish, and rewatch your promo video

5 Ways to make people watch, finish, and rewatch your promo video

Creating a video is a challenge on its own. Engaging your viewers is another. While you can control how the final video will look, it’s up to your audience to determine if it’s up to par. Fortunately, there are ways to give your video a higher chance of getting watched until the end—and possibly rewatched over and over again.

Make it really likable

This is a given. Of course, you have to make your video likable. But what works for one person will not always work for the others. So, before you start whipping up marketing content in an online video editor, make sure that your concept is likable to those who matter. Researching and studying what your target audience likes will make it easier for you to come up with ideas.

Allow your audience to revisit a memory

People love reminiscing about the past especially when it involves good memories. This could involve a childhood game or treat, a remarkable event that happened several decades ago, or a family tradition. If your promo video sparks a distant memory, the more likely that your viewers will stick around until the end. And if they know someone who could relate to that memory, your videos could be shared, increasing the number of viewers and engagement.

Make viewers feel good

A video that makes viewers feel happy is more likely to get watched and rewatched. Even if they know what’s going to happen next, watching it again helps them revisit the good feeling that they felt the first time they saw it. This is similar to why people watch movies and shows repeatedly. If your promo video is inspiring and motivating, your audience will treat it as a picker-upper when they feel down and lonely.

Add an element of surprise

A perfect example of videos with an element of surprise is unboxing videos. First, you are attracted by the beautiful packaging, then as it’s slowly unwrapped and opened, it builds up anticipation, making you feel excited about what’s inside. If you create a video with the same concept, a viewer is more likely to stick around until the end. Sometimes, people rewatch such videos because they want to experience what it’s like when they already know what’s inside. By watching repeatedly, they can now focus on other aspects of the video and, eventually, make a decision to purchase your product.

Offer a reward

This is probably one of the most effective ways to catch a viewer’s attention. A lot of marketing videos do this to keep people engaged and interested until the end, where the reward will be announced. Often, creators or video marketers would add a link at the end of the video that the viewers need to click on to get to the reward. If you are building an email list, it would be great to add a link for viewers to sign up and claim their prize.

Make your promo video count

Planning and creating a video is no walk in the park. That’s why you have to make sure that it’s worth sharing with everyone. The success is measured by how awesome the final draft looks but by how engaging and interesting it will be to your target audience. These ideas can help you get started, especially if you are just starting your video marketing campaign. Remember that people get easily distracted by cellphone beeps, emails, social media notifications, and more. With a good promo video, you can keep them engaged on what you have to offer and away from all virtual distractions.