5 sports app ideas that make money in 2020

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If you are an entrepreneur looking for different investment avenues, then you should consider the idea of developing a sports app.

A sports app allows you to tap into a huge market and get a healthy return on your investment.

However, you may ponder what kind of sports app you want to build?

There are numerous sporting events; we suggest that instead of covering all of them choose one.

This will make it easier to provide highly specialized services that will not be possible if you select all the sporting activities.

In this article, we have listed 5 sporting app ideas that offer great investment opportunities.

5 great sporting app ideas to inspire you

If you go through the sporting app ideas that we have listed below, you will find that many sporting apps are based on these ideas.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you have to provide something unique that is not available in your competitors’ sporting apps.

An app that tracks sports News

Sports enthusiasts love to keep track of information about a sporting activity that interests them.

You can build a sports app that would source information about any particular sport from different sources and put it together in an easy and interesting format.

Your sports app should offer a one-stop place from where people can get complete information about various sporting activities like scores, team stats, and the championship schedule.

If you are looking for inspiration, then I suggest that you should look at the ESPN app to figure out what kind of features your sports app should include and its workflow.

An app to help the team management

Managing a team (whether it is a school team or an international one) can be very complicated, as the team management has to juggle several things at the same time and ensure that everything moves smoothly.

You can build a sports app for those who want a good platform that would help them to organize their lives in a better way.

As there are hundreds and thousands of teams all around the world at different levels and different sporting categories, you have a huge market for such an app.

Such an app should be made only for the team members and other officials who are associated with it so that they can communicate smoothly and securely with each other to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

This team management app should help the officials to organize their training and gaming sessions, analyze the statistics to formulate an effective game plan, offer personal event schedules, and team schedules among others.

An app that live stream sporting events

If you look at the statistics, you will find that people are increasingly using their smartphones to view any sporting event.

You can target this appeal of viewing any sporting event on the go and build one of your apps that solely focuses on the live streaming of different sporting events.

Such an app should allow the viewers to watch all the sporting events and anything related to their favorite team, sport, and others on their smartphone.

Live streaming of sporting events through dedicated apps is gaining popularity worldwide and you can profit from it by building an app that would offer high-quality live streaming to the viewers.

To make the sport app more appealing and interesting for the users you can include Chromecast support, give it a simple interface, provide filter and search channels, and live chatting options.

Sports betting apps

Sports are wonderful events full of uncertainties. This allows people to place bets on the chances of the winning of their favorite team.

You can build a sports app that would allow the user to place a bet with anyone in the world.

To make this app a success, you can seek suggestions from experts in this field who have good experience in the sports betting field.

They should also have the skillset to build a sports app that gives the users lots of options to make it unique.

Since a lot of money is involved in sports betting, you have to ensure foolproof security of the payment gateway in your app as well as any sensitive data related to the users of your app.

App for ticket sale

If you ask any sporting fan what is the most irritating thing they experience when they try to schedule their plans to watch an event, most of them will say that buying the ticket for their favorite event is a big challenge.

Here you can build an app through which people can purchase tickets for the games and if for some reason they are unable to attend it, they can resell them to recover their investment.

You must also ensure that your ticket sales app should have a highly secure, reliable, and fast payment gateway.


These are the top five sports apps that are highly popular amongst the sports lover.

Additionally, you can also look at other options like sports inventory and equipment app, ski resort app, sports facilities booking app, fitness app, events app, and so on.

We suggest that before you finalize your plan to build the app of your choice you should do market research.

After finalizing your sports app idea, the next step is to approach a sports app development company. They have a team of sports app developers and years of experience in building sports apps; hence, they can deliver you the best solution as per your needs.

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