A Complete Guideline To Apply For A Personal Loan Online

Personal loan apps

Most of us have to deal with money problems at some point in our lives. No matter how financially prudent, life can throw a curveball at any time and we may find ourselves in urgent need of funds. For all such urgent financial requirements, we can avail an instant personal loan. Earlier, this loan required multiple visits to the bank. But now, we can simply apply for a personal loan through online loan apps.

This guide tells you how you can apply for a personal instant loan online. But first, let us understand a personal loan.

What Is A Personal Loan And What Can It Be Used For?

Personal loans are unsecured loans that do not require you to pledge any asset as security to borrow funds. This means you do not have to put your house or car as collateral to obtain a personal loan, unlike secured loans. All you need is a good credit history and a steady income.

Personal loans do not have any restrictions on its usage, i.e. you can use them to meet any financial obligations. Be it to pay for your child’s school fees, fund an international vacation, or renovate your house.

What Are The Features And Benefits Of Personal Loan Apps?

To cater to the growing demand for credit, banks and financial institutions have come up with personal loan apps to ease the process of applying for a loan. One such loan app is the Bajaj Finserv App, a one-stop solution for all your investment and post-loan services.

The top features of the app are as follows:

High-value Loan

You can apply for collateral-free personal loans up to Rs.25 lakh.

Interest Rate

Based on your profile, obtain loans at affordable interest rates.

Flexible Repayment

Repay the loan between 12 and 60 months through manageable installments.

Pre-Approved Offers

Enjoy pre-approved offers while applying for a personal loan.

Flexi Loan Facility

Pay up to 45% lower EMIs on the loan amount of up to Rs.25 lakh with the Flexi loan facility.

Minimum Paperwork

Enjoy hassle-free loan application process with minimal documentation.

Digital Account

Manage your loan transactions and view statement of accounts online while on the move.

How To Download Bajaj Finserv’s Instant Loan App?

Bajaj Finserv app offers a simple user interface and brings smart financing to your fingertips. It is simple, easy to use, and allows you to get in touch with a representative via the app should you face any concerns.

Here is how you can download the app:

  • Go to Google Play Store and search for the Bajaj Finserv app.
  • Click on ‘Install’ to download it.
  • After accepting the end-user license agreement, log in with your Facebook account Experia ID or your mobile number. You will receive an OTP to enable you to log in.
  • You are now ready to start browsing the app and explore personalized recommendations based on your profile.

Personal loans are a great way to cope with burgeoning financial obligations without putting a burden on yourself. Download the online loan app and get started by sharing basic details. Once your loan application gets approved, you can get the money credited in your account within a couple of hours.

Bajaj Finserv also brings you various pre-approved offers for personal loans, business loans, home loans, and other financial products. These offers simplify the process of availing finance and save your valuable time.

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