Ponytail lemonade Braids: Top Trends in This Year

Ponytail lemonade Braids

If you are someone who likes to experiment with hair. You must know lemonade braids hair. This is named after Beyonce’s “lemonade album” in the year 2016. The style Queen Bey wore in film clips became a trend. Braids were first found 5000 years back in African culture. Braids are not only a style, it is an art too. This comes with long cornrows that go over the side of the head and cascade over the shoulder. You can create different types of lemonade braids. We can see this hairstyle most of the time in black women. Now countless women are doing this beautiful hairstyle. If you like ponytail hairstyles. Then follow this article and create ponytail lemonade braids differently. 

#Classic ponytail

The classic lemonade hairstyle is very straightforward but as well as elegant. It starts on a side-swept in tiny braids. You need to just hold all your Braids. And create a simple classic ponytail. It’s simple and ponytail lemonade braids always give you an attractive look.

#Pulled back ponytail

If you don’t want any hair on your face. And frame your face and try pulling back ponytail lemonade braids. With one 3rd per cent of your hair, you can create this hairstyle.

#Top Knot ponytail

The name of this hairstyle can clearly tell you how it looks. This is a high ponytail. Perfect for summer. So your hair won’t disturb you at all. This look is super stylish. When ponytail lemonade braids fall down into your back. Trust me you will get a super stunning look. 

#Half up half down

Half up half down is a style to mix things up with your braids. It’s an easy and classy look. Select some hair on your front side. Gather that hair. You can gather big or small parts whatever you like. After that, put a ponytail on top of your head. This hairstyle makes you look cute.

#Jumbo lemonade braids

Jumbo lemonade braids always look awesome on ladies who have long curly hair. If you have long hair then go for Jumbo Lemonade Braids. It’s unique and easy to carry. And a very manageable hairstyle. After you create a Jumbo lemonade braid use a tight band and hold your hair any try one sight ponytail.

#Beads Ponytail

As we all know, Lemonade braids always give an attractive and stylish look. Pizza with toppings looks more delicious right. Similarly, you can add some beads to your ponytail for extra vives. Lots of beads are available in the market in different shapes and sizes. Choose beads according to your skin tone. Decorate your hair with colourful or wooden beads.

#Colourful braids

Some women like to colour their hair differently. They are colourful people and like to play with colours. If you are one of them and think about a lemonade ponytail. Then you can colour your hair whatever you want. Lemonade braids come with any rainbow colours. You can choose two or three colours at the same time. Colourful hair will give you a rocking look. 

#Small lemonade braids

This hairstyle is for those women who have thin hair. Try small lemonade braids and ponytails. This is so fashionable. You can try a blonde shade in your hair. Blonde shade is more unusual than regular colours. Ponytail lemonade braids with blonde colours give a stunning look.

Facts about lemonade braids:

  • Lemonade braids were coined in 2016.
  • It was started and designed by Kim Kimble.
  • You can keep this look for 4-5 weeks.
  • It is done by natural hair and extensions.
  • Lemonade braids also known as a Beyonce braids
  • It is always a trending hairstyle and never gets old fashioned.


Lemonade braids have always been seen in different cultures. But this style is mostly found in black women. Lemonade braids were first found in Africa a long time ago. This hairstyle never goes out of fashion. For changing your look this is the best option. Different types of lemonade braids you can create in your hair. You can do it naturally or with hair extensions. Ponytail lemonade braids also give a smart, attractive and fashionable look. 


1. How long lemonade braids last?

Ans- lemonade braids long-lasting hairstyle. Usually up to 4 weeks sometimes 5 weeks it will last.

2. Do lemonade braids damage hair?

Ans- loose braids easily come apart but tight braids can sometimes be difficult to part. It can damage your hair.

3. Why are lemonade braids called lemonade?

Ans- This name comes after Beyonce’s “lemonade album”. She rocked a side cornrow style. In 2016.

4. How long lemonade braids take?

Ans- To create lemonade braids it takes three to six hours. But it also depends on the length of your hair, and which style you want to create. 

5. Cost of lemonade braids?

Ans – lemonade braids don’t cost too much. Usually $100-$200. It also depends on the hairstyle and the length of your hair.

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