5 Best Drones of 2019 for Aerial Video Shooting



Drones started out as an expensive device for professionals, but in recent years have become accessible to everyone. At the same time, even budget drone cameras are quite suitable for doing amateur and semi-professional photography or video. Their capabilities are adequate for most common tasks! All that remains is to choose the best drone model. This list of the best drones of the year will help you make that choice.

1. Syma X5SW

This drone may not be the best in performance but it is definitely one of the best-priced ones. On average, you will have to pay only 40 dollars for the X5SW and only a Chinese knock-off is cheaper but Syma X5SW is a proven model from a good company.

The drone weighs only 1.2 kilograms, the power reserve is good for 5.5 minutes, and the remote control works at a distance of up to 150 meters. It has an external camera of 2 megapixels and shoots in HD format. The brainchild of Syma would be an ideal choice for the first drone. This inexpensive, easy to operate, and practically indestructible copter will be a good simulator for a novice pilot.

2. Xiaomi Mi Drone

We are moving from the super-budget to more advanced models and here its useful to note the drone from the Chinese giant Xiaomi. Having gained a foothold in the smartphone market, this company began to pay attention to other gadgets including quadrocopters.

Mi Drone was a relatively successful attempt to create a competitor to the Phantom’s drone because DJI still remains in the dominant position. The copter turned out to be quite pleasant and interesting as it looks beautiful, shoots in 4K, and can make autonomous flights. It is an excellent choice for its price.

3. DJI Phantom 3 Standard

This is a semi-legendary drone. The 1st Phantom brought popularity to the DJI, the second fame, the third definitely made the manufacturer a flagship in the market of amateur and semi-professional flyers. 

Phantom 3 boasts excellent characteristics. It accelerates to 16 m/s, rises to a height of 6 kilometers, stays in the air up to 25 minutes and shoots at 1080p. This drone has remained a leader in its segment for a long time now. 

4. DJI Mavic Pro

This is a classic example of “pocket” drones. This very small and nimble machine can boast a flight range of up to seven kilometers which is a very good indicator even for larger models. Mavic Pro can stay in the air for almost half an hour without problems, accelerates up to 65 km/h, and has an excellent 4K camera which allows you to catch everything that interests you during flight.

5. DJI Phantom 4

The current flagship of DJI is a 4th Phantom that leads our drone comparison. At a price of about $1,300, it could compete with many noticeably more expensive semi-professional drones. It does the same things as the previous model of the line but even better. 

Its main characteristic includes speed ​​up to 20 m/s, remote range of about 3.5 kilometers, flight duration up to 28 minutes and it shoots in 21604K. This model also features an autopilot with the function of following the operator and returning to the starting point. This is the best drone in the segment which is even used by some of the best wedding videographers.

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